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When in doubt, get detailed information from the UDLS Website.

Summary of Steps for acquiring a New Drivers License/Permit in Uganda[edit]

  1. Get a letter of interest/introduction/proof of enrolment from a licensed driving school of your choice and (fees vary according to the driving school)
  2. Download and fill in the Learner permit application form
  3. Fill out the medical examination section of the form by going to a licensed medical personnel for a medical examination. This report is valid for six months and an applicant for a learner driving licence must have a medical examination report that does not exceed six months from the date indicated on the form.
  4. Pay for a Learner permit. Note that most banks are also able to perform this step for you.
  5. Make a payment in the bank (remember to carry your PRN form or have one generated for you). You can also make a payment via mobile money or VISA on the URA website, but you have to call them afterwards and have the payment receipt emailed to you as proof of payment.
  6. Go to any UDLS office/branch to get your Learner permit, and you shall be guided on the process. You shall need valid identification documents:
  7. Once you have acquired a Learners permit, enrol in a registered driving school of your choice and complete the driving course. At the end of the course, you shall be given a Certificate of Completion. Even if you can already drive, you still need this certificate for the next step.
  8. Go for a driving test at the IOV (Inspectorate of Vehicles) center and get a Certificate of Competence. Here is helpful guide for this step.
  9. Go through a similar process to fill in application, generate a PRN and make payment for a full drivers license/permit.
  10. Wait about 3-4 working days after the IOV test before going back to UDLS to acquire the full drivers license
  11. In addition to identification documents and payment receipt, you shall need your original learner permit/license and the Certificate of Competence


Valid Identification Documents[edit]

  • For Ugandans: Valid national ID or a duplicate/copy/photocopy of the ID, or a NIRA verification letter.
  • For non-Ugandans: valid passport, a visa valid for at least six months — and, if applicable; work permit, dependant pass, or student pass (original copies)
  • For refugees: refugee card issued by the office of the prime minister (original copy)

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Uganda Driver Licensing System
Uganda Railway Station,
Plot 57, Nasser Road, Kampala
UDLS Phone Contact: +256 414 660540
Email: [email protected]

Uganda Revenue Authority
PLOT M193/M194,
Nakawa Industrial Area
P.O. Box 7279 Kampala, Uganda.
Telephone: 0417 442054, 442055, 443150
Fax: 0414 334419
Email: [email protected]
Toll Free Number: 0800117000



The driving license is issued to an applicant who is 18 years and above and it is issued to a learner driver who has passed a driving test.

Uganda Driving Permit Classes[edit]

    • Group A Motorcycles
    • Group B Motorcars and dual-purpose motor vehicles(Passenger vehicles up to 7 people and Goods vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes)
    • Group CM Motorcars and dual-purpose motor vehicles
    • Group CH Heavy goods vehicles
    • Group DL Light omnibuses
    • Group DM Medium omnibuses
    • Group DH Heavy omnibuses
    • Group E Combination of vehicles
    • Group F Pedestrian-controlled vehicles
    • Group G Engineering plant vehicle

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

The driving licence can be used as can be used as proof of identity.

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