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Wikiprocedure follows the same concept as Wikipedia and Wikihow, this website is designed to be an archive of procedures and process which would help in our daily lifes. I came up with this idea when I had to apply for visa to a foreign country I had to go around to get information about how to obtain documents related to it. I was not able to find enough information about where I should go and documents required and the places that I have to visit to obtain it.

Wikiprocedure is going to be a cooperative effort to help each other to understand the process/steps involved in obtaining a certain certificate or any thing which they like to own. Every place has it's own unique procedures or processes which should be followed to obtain certain things which you might like to obtain. This website is to help people come to one place where there can look for steps which one should follow to obtain certain thing e.g. certificates, legal documents, buy a house etc. It is also designed to guide people providing them sample documentations and forms along with address of the place where you should go for obtaining them.

We are trying to put as much effort as possible to make it a website where people can come and gain something out of it. We would be happy to have some volunteer who can edit some procedures and help in making the website more usable. I am not going to classify this website as an non-profit website or company. If possible we would like to make profit which will be put into developing more systems/innovations which will help human beings to make their life easier,comfortable and to explore.

Currently the website is owned by me(Wesley), I have lived in couple of countries where I felt information is very valuable. When we all cooperate and make a world which is healthy for everyone to live then we can easily move to the next level in human existence.