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  1. To apply for a driver's license in United Arab Emirates, you may submit your application at the driving institutes or registration offices licensed by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). Application must be submitted in person.
  2. The driving institute will open a traffic file. You will be asked to undergo an eye test at one of the authorised optical shops by RTA. The customer must have the results of the eye test according to the requested category:
    1. For drivers of heavy vehicles and machines: 6/6 for both eyes
    2. For drivers of light vehicles and motorcycles:
      One eye 6/18 -- Second eye 6/18
      One eye 6/12 -- Second eye 6/24
      One eye 6/9 -- Second eye 6/36 or 6/60
      One eye 6/6 -- Second eye blind
    3. For drivers of heavy vehicles:
      One eye 6/6-- Second eye 6/18 or 6/12 or 6/9
      One eye 6/9 -- Second eye 6/9
    4. For drivers of light and heavy buses, tractors and mechanical machines: 6/6 with or without spectacles
    5. For colourblind customers: The customer can apply for the license on the condition that he passes the eye test
  3. You will receive a permit to start the driving lessons.
  4. After passing the tests, you will receive a license from the driving institute. In case you fail, you must take 8 new lessons and book another appointment for the final driving test.

Required Documents

  • Emirates ID

Office Locations & Contacts

Roads & Transport Authority (RTA)

800 90 90
Overseas callers 24/7: +971 4 605 1414
Tel: +971 4 284 4444
Fax +971 4 206 5555
Email RTA

E-mail: [email protected]
Roads & Transport Authority
P. O. Box: 118899
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.



  • The customer must be of at least minimum legal age to apply for a driving permit:
    • Motorcycles: 17 years old
    • Light vehicles: 17 years and 6 months old to open a file; however, the license will be issued when the customer turns 18 years old. The vehicle's weight while empty should not exceed 2.5 tonnes, and the number of passengers should not exceed 14 without the driver for the passengers transportation vehicles. For the goods transport vehicles, cargo must not exceed 2.5 tonnes.
    • Heavy vehicles: 20 years old
    • Light and heavy buses: 21 years old. The passengers number of the bus must not exceed 26 without the driver
    • Tractor or light mechanical machine: 20 years old. The weight of the tractor or mechanical machine while empty must not exceed 7.5 tonnes
  • The customer must be medically fit


  • 100 AED for issuing a new driving license if the customer is younger than 21-years-old
  • 300 AED for issuing a new driving license if the customer is older than 21-years-old
  • +20 AED knowledge and innovation fees.

Other Driving License Related Fees


Emirati and GCC nationals and UAE citizens:

  • Age above 21 years old: 2 years
  • Age below 21 years old: 1 year

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