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Tunisia - Online Police Clearance Certificate (Criminal Records Certificate, Certificat du Casier Judiciaire)

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Step 1 : First one has to make sure that all the required documents are in hand to apply online. If you would like to know about the documents that are required for this procedure, please visit the following link : Required Documents for Police Clearance Certificate
Step 2 : Please use the following link to apply online : Apply Online.
Step 3 : In the given page, please select “online” option from the right part of the page under “Online operations” session. Refer the below image where it is highlighted in RED.

Tun PCC 1.gif


Step 4 : Please enter all the details under “Identity information, Contact info, Validation, details of amount to be paid” section and click the checkbox for verification. Then click the appropriate tab to submit the form which is highlighted in the below image.

Tun PCC 2.gif

Tun PCC 3.gif

Step 5 : Once all the above process are completed, User can take the printout of the receipt and use it for future reference.
Step 6 : Applicant will get notification for further processing. Please follow as per the notification to complete the rest of the process to get certificate.