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Romania - Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (Certificate of Criminal Records, Certificat de Cazier Judiciar)

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I. Apply in Romania
a. Apply In-Person
  1. Applicant shall apply in-person at county police inspectorate in your county of birth or residence.
  2. Link for contact: link please make use of the links for respective county at the bottom of the page. For Romanian police: link
  3. Go to the respective office.
  4. Don’t forget to take the required copy of documents along with originals to the office.
  5. Please talk to the authority for your requirement. As per authorities advice one has to submit the application along with documents.
  6. Applicant should pay for the certificate as advised.
  7. This application will be processed by respective department.
  8. The certificate can be collected from the office where applicant applied in-person upon notification.
Note: If you live in Bucharest, you should apply to the police precinct in your area of residence.

II. Applying procedure - overseas
a. Apply through embassy or consulate abroad
  1. Applicant can apply at their nearest embassy or consulate.
  2. Link to locate the embassy or consulate: link
  3. Call the office and fix appointment also find out the details for this procedure.
  4. On the scheduled date, go to the office with all the document in original and in copy.
  5. Please follow as per officer guidelines to process your application.
  6. Fee(government eliminated the fees) or any charges for correspondence as required to be paid.
  7. This application will be processed by the respective department. The completed certificates are forwarded to the concern.
  8. Applicant shall collect the certificate with the respective office upon notification or will be delivered through courier as applicable.

b. Through mail(post)
  1. Applicant shall send their request along with documents and proof of payment by registered mail (post)as per the address below.
  2. This application will be processed by respective department.
  3. The certificate will be sent by mail to the address you specify or as per norms.
Address for mail:
Inspectoratul General al Politiei in Romania,
Str. Banu Dumitrache no. 46, sector 2, Bucharest.
Phone: +40212086150 | Fax: +40212420990
e-mail: [email protected]

c. Through representative
  1. Applicant shall appoint a representative through notarized power of attorney to apply on their behalf in Romania.
  2. The representative should carry
  3. Completed application with the candidate information.
  4. Valid Romanian identification document.
  5. Notarized power of attorney mandate stating in clear terms who was mandated and the purpose and duration of the mandate.
  6. This representative should follow the procedure of applying in person at the county police inspectorate in your county of birth/residence Or at Romanian police.

Required Documents[edit]

Country specific

  • Application form. Please use this link and download the form: form link
  • Valid passport
  • Valid identity document (identity card, passport, driving license)
  • Address card (official certificate on personal identifier and address of domicile)
  • A self addressed envelope for delivery of certificate as required
  • Valid respective “National Identification Card” as required
  • Applicable fees (proof shall be attached as applicable)
  • Scan of the original or a certified copy of your temporary residence certificate / permanent residence certificate / temporary residence card / permanent residence card.
  • A certified copy of passport with entries and exits.
  • Foreign national
  • A copy of your passport while living in Romania.
  • A copy of your permit of stay in Romania, passport number and place of issue as well.

In general

  • Valid citizen proof (respective ID’s issued by respective nation)
  • Passport size photographs
  • Birth certificate (as per requirement)
  • Proofs of legal stay (copy of passport held during the said period with respective stamp and seal)
  • Email ID (useful to communicate issues with respect to your application).
  • Valid contact number (applicant can be communicated)

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Criminal Records Division, Statistics and Operational Records,
Ştefan cel Mare Street, no. 13-15, Bucharest - Sector 2
Phone: 021/316.49.75, 021/208.25.25 int. 26954.
Fax: 021.317.87.90
e-mail: [email protected]
Contacts: Contact Information Link AND Contact Information Link



  • Applicant with valid passport and a valid address proof.
  • Age: 16 years and above. In case of minors, the application must be submitted by the parent exercising parental authority, if the minor has not turned 16 years.
  • The current address of the applicant must be same as in the passport and other supporting documents.
  • Applicants who are in need of residential status, employment or long term visa or for immigration to a foreign nation.


  • No fees
  • In case of any charges for stamp or correspondence related is required, should be paid as applicable.
  • Updated fee requirement will be provided by respective authorities while applying.


  • The Certificate is valid for 6 months from the issuance.
  • Validity norms vary from country to country.

Documents to Use[edit]

Please attach documents which can be used by people who would like to follow this procedure.    


Sample Documents[edit]

Use this link to view sample document: sample

Processing Time[edit]

  • Same day or within 3 days of successful application.
  • Timing for overseas application can be provided by authorities (minimum 10 days to actual delivery time due to courier delivery).
  • Processing time varies with respect to the country from where applied.

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The certificate is issued as a hard copy and the person who has requested the certificate must verify their identity by presenting a valid ID card on collection. (In most cases in Romania, this is on the same day, although officially it is within 3 working days). The certificate has the following features:

  • Round stamp
  • Name of the issuing authority
  • Unique serial number containing both letters and numbers
  • An eagle stamp in the background

The certificate is available in Romanian only, there is no official translation service.

Required Information[edit]

  • Full name
  • Unique identification number
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Most recent address
  • Details of any convictions (if applicable)


Need for the Document[edit]

  • The criminal record certificate is required to complete numerous bureaucratic functions in Romania. Some of the processes in the country that require the certificate are things like applying for a job or obtaining a driver’s license and also immigration purposes in other countries

Information which might help[edit]

  • The certificate contains details of the individual’s convictions. If there are no convictions, the certificate will state "The applicant is not recorded in the criminal record database". The certificate is valid for 6 months from the date on which it is issued.
  • Categories of criminal conviction include: All kinds of crime.
  • Natural persons registered in the criminal record or with temporary notes, are taken out of registers in the following situations:
  • The offences committed are no longer provided by criminal law
  • Court or rehabilitation
  • Amnesty
  • Sentence to a financial penalty or custodial penalty of 3 years at most, and, from the judgement remained final 20 years have passed.
  • Deceased
  • Taking out of criminal proceedings, the cessation of the criminal action, or a final judgement was handed down for acquittal or ending the penal trial
  • 1 year has passed since the educational measure of censure was carried out
  • 2 years have passed since the judgement of postponement of the penalty remained final and the revocation or the cancellation of the postponement as not ordered according to art. 88 and 89 from the Penal Code
  • 5 years have passed since an administrative sanction from those stipulated on the article 91 of Low no. 15/1968 concerning the Penal Code was applied 12

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

In many immigration cases you may be requested by relevant Government to present Police Clearance Certificate from another country where you have resided for some time. If you are going through immigration process, you will definitely be asked for such a certificate.

External Links[edit]

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To obtain a criminal record certificate from Romania, the individual may personally submit application form with complete details of civil and reasoned, any subunit police there stop criminal record accompanied by:

  • ID (identity card, identity card, passport, identity card and provisional registration certificate for EU citizens, residence card, permanent resident card, temporary or permanent residence permit, under shelf);
  • revenue stamp worth 2 lei;
  • receipt which is proof of payment of service provision in the amount of 10 lei.

People residing abroad may apply for a criminal record certificate by diplomatic missions or consular offices.

Criminal record may be required for individuals and their delegates according to current legal proceedings, as follows:

  • in the country, only on the basis of attorney authenticated by a notary public;
  • abroad, based on a power of attorney authenticated by diplomatic missions or consular offices or by a notary public, subject to the requirements of legalization for foreign public docume