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The first step to getting married at the Registry Office (USC) or in the temple authorized to carry out concordat marriage rites, is the submission of the set of documents required by law to the Registry Office Head, and on their basis signing of the certificate of no impediment to the marriage, and the statements as to the names of the spouses and their children after marriage.

USC marriage cannot be concluded before the passing of one month from the date of the documents submission. In appropriate cases, the couple intending to marry may apply to the USC Head for shortening of the waiting period before marriage.

On the wedding day, when making statements about entering into marriage by the newlyweds, two adult witnesses must be present. Anyone who has the full legal capacity can act as witness, and confirm that the marriage has been concluded. Also be a person who does not have Polish citizenship may act as witness, but as a general rule, he or she should know the Polish language (if they do not speak Polish, they will need to be accompanied by a sworn interpreter). The person acting as witness will be required to present a valid identity document on the day of the ceremony.

As a general rule, the foreigner who does not speak Polish needs to complete all the formalities (including the ceremony itself), accompanied by a sworn interpreter of the language they speak fluently.

The civil ceremony takes place in the Registry Office. In appropriate cases, the USC Head may agree to conclude a marriage outside the Registry Office premises. Concordat marriages take place in the selected temple.

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Required Documents[edit]

  • Documents confirming the identity of persons intending to get married, with photographs;
  • Copies of birth certificates of the above persons. If the copy is drawn up in a foreign language, a sworn translation into the Polish language by one of the sworn translators on the list published by the Polish Ministry of Justice or the Polish Consul should be attached.
  • Persons who already had been married are required to attach documents certifying their current civil status and full capacity to get married.
  • In addition, foreigners wishing to get married in Poland need to submit a certificate of being free to marry issued in the country of origin, along with a sworn translation into the Polish language (the said document certifies that under the law of his or her country of citizenship, the foreign national is permitted to contract a marriage in Poland. To obtain such a document, the foreigner should apply to the competent authorities in the country of origin).
  • Proof of payment of stamp duty, in cash to the cashier or onto the bank account of the registry office where the ceremony will be held, in the amount of 84 PLN.

In the case of the concordat marriage, the persons intending to get married need to submit in the temple the documents required to conduct the marriage rites according to the traditions of a given church or religious association (such as the baptism certificate, a certificate of completion of premarital education classes, confirmation of attendance of family counseling meetings etc..), as well as the no impediment certificate from the Registry Office. To obtain such a certificate, the couple should go to the Registry Office competent for the place of residence of one of the parties wishing to marry

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Registry Office - Ko?cierzyna
Contact details:
City: 83-400 Ko?cierzyna
Address: ul. 3 Maja 9 a
Telephone:58 68 02 350
Fax: 58 68 02 320
Email: [email protected]
BIP: Virtual office service
Teryt: 2206011
Province: Pomorskie
District: Ko?cierski
Community: Ko?cierzyna

Registry Office - Kudowa-Zdrj
Contact details:
City: 57-350 Kudowa-Zdrj
Address: ul. Zdrojowa 24
Telephone: 74 86 21 714
Fax: 74 86 61 351
Email: sekretariat[at]
BIP: Virtual office service
Teryt: 0208031
Province: Dolno?l?skie
District: K?odzki
Community: Kudowa-Zdrj

Registry Office - Radowo Ma?e
Contact details:
City: 72-314 Radowo Ma?e
Address: Radowo Ma?e 21
Telephone: 91 39 72 222
Fax: 91 39 72 159
Email:[email protected]
BIP: Virtual office service
Teryt: 3218032
Province: Zachodniopomorskie
District: Lobeski
Community: Radowo Ma?e

Registry Office - Pozna?
Contact details:
City: 61-706 Pozna?
Address: ul. Karola Libelta 16/20
Telephone: 61 64 63 344
Fax: 61 87 84 336
Email:[email protected]
BIP: Virtual office service
Teryt: 3064011
Province: Wielkopolskie
District: Pozna?
Community: Pozna?

Registry Office - Piecki
Contact details:
City: 11-710 Piecki
Address: ul. Zwyci?stwa 34
Telephone:89 74 21 170
Fax: 89 74 22 065
Email: [email protected]
BIP: Virtual office service
Teryt: 2810042
Province: Warmi?sko-mazurskie
District: Mr?gowski
Community: Piecki

Registry Office - J?drzejw
Contact details:
City: 28-300 J?drzejw
Address: ul. Reymonta 12
Telephone: 41 38 61 702
Fax: 41 38 61 267
Email:[email protected]
BIP: Virtual office service
Teryt: 2602023
Province: ?wi?tokrzyskie
District: J?drzejowski
Community: J?drzejw

Registry Office - Stolno
Contact details:
City: 86-212 Stolno
Telephone: 56 67 70 902
Fax: 56 67 70 906
Email: [email protected]
BIP: Virtual office service
Teryt: 0404062
Province: Kujawsko-pomorskie
District: Che?mi?ski
Community: Stolno

Registry Office - Lutomiersk
Contact details:
City: 95-083 Lutomiersk
Address: pl. Jana Paw?a II 11
Telephone:43 67 75 011
Fax: 43 67 75 094
Email: [email protected]
BIP: Virtual office service
Teryt: 1008062
Province: Ldzkie
District: Pabianicki
Community: Lutomiersk

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The following churches and religious associations can conduct valid concordat marriages:

  • The Catholic Church, including the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Uniate and Neo-Uniate and Armenian Churches,
  • The Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church,
  • The Lutheran Church,
  • The Reformed Church,
  • The Evangelical Methodist Church in Poland,
  • The Baptist Church,
  • The Seventh Day Adventist Church,
  • The Mariavite Church,
  • The Pentecostal Church,
  • The Polish Catholic Church,
  • The Union of Jewish Communities.

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In Poland, the legal age for getting married is 18 years old, but there are cases in which a person of 16 years old can get married, but only with judicial approval


For both civil marriage and the concordat marriages, stamp duty in the amount of 84 PLN is charged for the preparation of the marriage certificate.


Marriage can only be annulled through divorce of if one the spouses dies.

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In Poland, a marriage can be contracted in:

  • The registry office USC, as a civil ceremony

Attention: For a marriage to be recognized by law in Poland, it has to be registered at the USC. The USC (registry office) draws up a marriage certificate, confirming the validity of the union.

  • A temple (eg. in a catholic or Orthodox church)

Required Information[edit]

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Marital status
  • Father's full name
  • Mothers full name and her maiden name
  • City or County of Birth

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Need for the Document[edit]

If you want to get married in Poland you must be aware that like in any other country, you need proper documentation and registration. Marriage in Poland may be contracted in two methods: as a civil ceremony performed in the registry office or in a church. In order for the marriage to be validated by the law, it needs to be registered in the registry office that issued a marriage certificate confirming the validity of the marriage.

Information which might help[edit]

Poland recognizes the marriage ceremony performed according to tradition and religion. Such marriages can be recognized by the registered office in Poland without the need of having a separate civil marriage. This type of marriage in Poland is also known as concordat marriage.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

After the marriage, and drawing up of the certificate at the USC, the spouses receive a copy of the marriage certificate.

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