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Step 1
  • The first step is sending an Application in writing, stating the intent for registering with national University Commission.
  • Interested applicants are expected to apply in writing, to the Executive Secretary, NUC, stating the intent to register with NUC. The declaration of intent should include, in brief, the name of the University, the location, the mission and vision, the nature of the academic discipline offered by the university and its proposed focal niche in the current Nigerian University System, etc.
  • Interview of Promoters to Ascertain their Seriousness this done by the Board of Nigerian University Commission.
Step 3
  • Collection of Application Forms.
  • Following due consideration of the application in writing, individuals or corporate bodies seeking to register with NUC are expected to send a representative to come to the Commission with the prescribed payment to collect a set of ten (10) application forms in person.
  • Upon collection of the forms, copies of guidelines and other requirements are also given for proper guidance. Other clarifications are also sought and given as appropriate.
Step 4
  • Submission of Application Forms and Relevant Documents. The completed application forms are forwarded with a non-refundable processing fee in Bank Draft addressed to NUC along with one or more of the following documents, if ready:
  • Draft Academic Brief;
  • Draft Physical Masterplan;
  • Draft University Law;
  • Counterpart Deed of Assignment;
  • Certificate of Incorporation/Registration of Proprietors (accompanied with Articles and Memorandum of Association);
  • Deed of Assignment/Certificate of Occupancy;
  • Letter of Available Liquid Cash; and
  • Bank Guarantee of Funds to the tune of N200 Million from a reputable Bank.

It is usually advised that the last two documents should not be procured by the applicant until processing of the application has reached an advanced stage. Submission should also be at the instance of SCOPU.

Step 5
  • Interactive Meeting of SCOPU with the university that wishes to register with the NUC.
  • Normally, SCOPU invites the members of the Planning & Implementation Committee of the university to NUC for an interactive meeting as a prelude to the first verification visit to its campus site.
  • During the meeting, the process of documentation and other matters bordering on university governance are discussed and many grey areas are resolved. The meeting also affords the university the opportunity to interact with the Executive Secretary/Chief Executive of NUC and his Management team for words of advice and encouragement. Also, a seminar presentation is delivered to avail the prospective Proprietors of the basic philosophy of universities and their societal roles.
Step 6.
  • Completion of Submission of Outstanding relevant documents.
  • The Proprietors of the Universities who had submitted part of the relevant documents, are expected to make full submissions at this stage. The relevant documents, include the draft Academic Briefs, draft Masterplan and the draft University Law to the NUC.
Step 7.
  • Intensive Review/Analysis of Documents by experts in Relevant NUC Departments.
  • Following submission of the completed application forms and relevant documents, the documents are forwarded to the professional Departments for analysis after which their comments and observations on such documents are sent to the Committee for onward transmission to the proposed university. For instance, Academic Brief and Masterplan documents are forwarded to the Department of Academic Standards. The legal documents such as the University Law, Counterpart Deed of Assignment, Certificate of Incorporation/Registration and Deed of Assignment/Certificate of Occupancy are usually forwarded to the Legal Unit of the Office of the Executive Secretary.
Step 8.
  • First Verification Visit.
  • SCOPU undertakes a verification visit to the proposed university to review their documents with them on one-on-one basis and to assess the level of preparedness in terms of documentation. During this visit, inspection of physical facilities is also undertaken to ascertain their adequacy for the proposed University for the first phase. In addition, courtesy calls are paid to the government establishments that provide infrastructural facilities such as electricity, water and telecommunication including the traditional rulers and local government headquarters of where the proposed university is located. These visits are undertaken to solicit support of the host community for the proposed university and also let them know that a university is being proposed in that area. This visit is considered very important as it reveals whether the Proprietor is committed to the project and is a prerequisite to the final verification visit.
Step 9.
  • Revision of Documentation by Proprietors based on Report by SCOPU of NUC.
  • Following the first visit, the proposed university is expected to revise its documents and undertake the modifications of its facilities to reflect the prescriptions given during the visit. The revised documents are forwarded to NUC for assessment of compliance. If found that progress has been made in that direction, the second (final) verification visit is scheduled to the university.
Step 10
  • Second Verification Visit.
  • This is expected to be the final visit to the university, depending on the level of compliance with the given prescriptions. As a result, the documents are reviewed along with the Planning & Implementation Committee with a view to perfecting them as to bring them to an acceptable level. The evidence of available liquid cash documents are inspected and analyzed by the financial expert on the Committee. The Bank Guarantee of Fund to the tune of N200 million will also be sighted along with other legal documents for eventual submission to NUC. Final inspection of physical facilities is also carried out to ascertain whether they are in consonance with the approved NUC norms.
Step 11
  • Security Screening of Proprietors and Board of Trustees.
  • The purpose of screening the proprietor (Promoter) and members of Board of Trustees of the proposed universities is to enable the Government to ascertain the credibility of those who are sponsoring the university project and to ensure that they are not persons of questionable character.
Step 12
  • Approval By NUC Management.
  • SCOPU, on return to NUC from the final verification visit, writes a comprehensive report with scores to the NUC Management for its consideration and further necessary action.
Step 13
  • Approval By NUC Board.
  • The NUC Management, upon receipt of SCOPU report on the proposed university, considers and makes appropriate recommendation to the University Development Committee (UDC) of the NUC Board for its consideration after which the latter submits it to the Board for ratification. The Board, thereafter, forwards its recommendation to the Federal Government through the Honourable Minister of Education for its consideration and approval.
Step 14
  • Approval by Federal Executive Council.
  • The Federal Executive Council considers the recommendations of the NUC Board and Security report on the proposed universitys Promoters. If approved, a three-year Provisional Licence is granted the Proprietor. Only satisfactory performance duri

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Required Documents[edit]

List down the documents required for successfully completing the procedure.

1. Proof of child birth from the Hospital.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Please list down the office locations that can be approached for applying. External links can also be used for specifying office locations.

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All citizen of Nigeria with the required qualification and who satisfy the criteria set out in the Schedule of the university Act can register with National University Commission in Nigeria both private and public.


Explain the fees structure which is required for obtaining the certificate/document.


Explain the time until which the certificate/document is valid.
e.g. Birth Certificate Valid Forever

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

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Related Videos[edit]

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You can register a private university with the Nigeria University commission to have the legal authority to offer higher education programmes. Private University offer the same qualifications levels as that offered by public universities or universities of technology. The purpose of registration is to ensure that:

  • Private Universities offer quality education
  • The public is protected against unscrupulous and exploitative operators.
  • The consumer obtains qualifications that are aligned with the Nigeria University Commission Framework ( and registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF)

Required Information[edit]

  • Full name
  • Identity number
  • Contact address and Phone number
  • Business Plan information
  • Occupation
  • Citizenship
  • Audited annual financial statements or audited financial forecasts
  • the name of the proposed University,
  • the location,
  • the mission and vision,
  • the nature of the proposed university and
  • its proposed focal niche in the current Nigerian University System,

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Need for the Document[edit]

The National Universities Commission (NUC) of Nigeria was established in 1962 as an advisory agency in the Cabinet Office. However in 1974, it became a statutory body and the first Executive Secretary, in the person of Prof. Jibril Aminu was then appointed.

The NUC is a parastatal under the Federal Ministry of Education (FME). The Commission has a Governing Council, currently headed by Professor Shehu Galadanchi and its Executive Secretary is Prof. Julius A. Okojie, who assumed office on August 3, 2006.

In its over 47 years of existence, the Commission has transformed from a small office in the cabinet office to an important arm of government in the area of development and management of university education in Nigeria.

The main functions of the Commission are outlined as follows
i. Granting approval for all academic programmes run in Nigerian universities;
ii. Granting approval for the establishment of all higher educational institutions offering degree programmes in Nigerian universities;
iii. Ensure quality assurance of all academic programmes offered in Nigerian universities; and
iv. Channel for all external support to the Nigerian universities.

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Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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