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Visit The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) main branch in Abuja or any other branches country wide and pick the rental box application forms, fill them, return the forms to the Nigeria postal officer together with the required documents, registration fee and annual rental fee, your details will be entered and a box number will be provided, you will be requested to pick your card after one week and the box key after a specified period of time. You can start using the box rental service without the card and key.

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Required Documents[edit]

For Individuals
Valid Identification documents which can be a drivers license
Passport any other Identification as required,
Two passport sized photographs which clear facial view,
Recommendation letter or a letter from the state Authority and a photocopy of a recognized valid ID.
For Non-Individuals
Valid Identification documents which can be a drivers license,
Passport any other Identification as required,
For the directors or owners
two passports sized photographs which clear facial view,
certificate of incorporation or business/company/organization registration,
Recommendation letter or Local Authority letter and a photocopy of a recognized valid ID.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]


Nipost Corporate Headquarters

Abubakar Musa Argungu House

Plot 1279 Muhammadu Buhari Way

PMB 12537, Garki 900001

Abuja, Nigeria


234-09-3149531, 234-09-3149532





5th Floor, Wing B, Radio

House, Area 10, Garki, Abuja


Corporate Headquarters

Plot 19, Behind CBN

Quarters, Garki, P.M.B. 326,

Garki, Abuja

Tel: 09-2344589-3


Corporate Headquarters

P.M.B. 12537, Area 10, Garki,

Abuja, FCT

Tel: 2342162; 2341704;2341363

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Individuals, Companies, Organizations are eligible for obtaining a rental box.


Application Fees: NI 500 Rental box fees (annual): Large box at Main branch or clock tower NI.10,000 Small box at Main branch Ni1000 Box at other branch offices in NI.1000 Box at any other branch 3000 You pay the registration fee and annual fee together when registering


A fee is levied every year

Documents to Use[edit]

Please attach documents that can be used by people. e.g. links

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Sample Documents[edit]

Please attach sample completed documents that would help other people.

Processing Time[edit]

One day

Related Videos[edit]

Videos explaining the procedure or to fill the applications. 
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e.g In the following url "" Video ID is "Y0US7oR_t3M".

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For one to obtain a rental box you can visit The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST)main branch in Abuja or any other branches country wide and pick the rental box application forms, fill them and submit them where you will immediately be allocated your rented Box Number

Required Information[edit]

Individual rental box
  • Full names,
  • Identity card number,
  • passport number,
  • nationality,
  • phone number,
  • physical address,
  • signature,
  • Email,
  • occupation,
  • referee
Business rental box
  • Name of business,
  • physical address,
  • location, street,
  • plot number,
  • phone number,
  • names of directors,
  • referee,
  • signature

Diplomatic missions, non-government organizations, parastatals, institutions among others: Full names, physical address

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Need for the Document[edit]

A rental box number which is also known as a Mailing Box, Letter Box, Private Bag and many others names in Nigeria allows the owner or the renter to receive his or her correspondences, letters or parcels, mails and others including luggage, products and items for example when one purchases an item from an online market like Amazon and would want it delivered to him through. This service is provided by The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST.

The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) is the national carrier of all classes of mail items for delivery both within and outside Nigeria. Mail items, which include letters, postcards, printed papers, parcels and aerogrammes are processed through the post office.

Post Office Boxes: Post Office boxes are installed in all post offices and sub-post office across the country, and are available for rent on completion of relevant forms and office formalities. The use of post office box guarantees customers' security, privacy and convenience of their mail collection.

Information which might help[edit]

Private Mail Bag

This service is available on application to the Postmaster in-charge of any post office. It is particularly suitable for customers who receive large quantity of mail (daily) and are prepared to accept delivery/collection usually at least once daily. Correspondences for private mailbag users are also available for delivery/collection earlier than those for delivered by postmen.

Special Delivery Service

This is a service introduced for corporate organisations that have 'PMB' and generate large volume of mail. On agreed frequency, NIPOST collects client's mail for their private mailbags and delivers to their offices for an agreed fee. This service saves the clients time, money and the infrastructure required for mail collection and delivery.

Post Restante

This is a service for individuals travelling out of their base, who expect important letters. Interested customers could call for such letters by applying for "Post Restante" or "To be called for". There must also be proof of identity to ensure that delivery is made to the proper person; the applicant should be able to state from what place or district he expects the mail. If he decides to send for his mail, the messenger, besides being furnished with the above information must have a written authority to collect such letters.

Street Delivery

It entails mail delivery by postmen on house to house basis. The effectiveness of this service depends, to a large extent, on how well a street is named and numbered

Caller Services

Where there is no house to house delivery and individuals are unable to procure a private box or private mail bag, addressees may claim their correspondence at the post office or postal agency during normal office hours.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

Please explain what are other uses of obtaining this document/certificate.
e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

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