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There are two categories of licenses namely: class and individual license.

  • A Class Licence is a type of general authorization. The terms and conditions/obligations are common to all. Requires only registration with the Commission for applicants to commence operation
  • An Individual Licence is a type of authorization whose terms, conditions and obligations; scope and limitations are specific service provision. Process of licensing can take the form of Auction; First Come First Served, Beauty Contest or Administrative procedure, etc.

The procedure,leading to the issuance or permit by the Nigerian Communications Commission, is described below.

1.Request for an application Form at a cost of 1,000 Naira, which is payable in the Bank.

2. Fill the Form up to the end and attach a receipt, acknowledging the submission of application by applicant upon receipt of the completed application form.

3.Evaluate you self by considering the following;

Legal Check
  • Check if you are in a Bona-fide status in terms with Company incorporation and other required/prescribed documents.
  • present a list of Required Documents.
  • Complet the Application Form for each license you require at (Cost: N1,000.00) payable by bank draft, to the Nigerian Communications Commission.
  • Copies of Completed Application Form (As Applicable).
  • Non-Refundable Administrative fee, which is 5% of the relevant license fees and is payable in bank draft on submission of the application form.
Licence Check
  • Check and confirm if you holds any Licence/Permit, or if previously you have a refused license anywhere, or if you had a license that was revoked anywhere in the past.
Service Check
  • Check to confirm that the service for which licence you are seeking is available and could be licenced.
Business Plan
  • Basic licences and permit may not require the submission of a business plan, however, submission of business plan is a requirement consideration of all major licences.
Technical Plan will require to examine the following 
  • Examine technical information given relative to:
  • Viability of system technology;
  • Equipment/apparatus compatibility with existing systems;
  • Equipment/apparatus previous existence in Nigeria;
  • Equipment/apparatus approval elsewhere;
  • Examine Radio Engineering (if applicable) in terms of:
  • Location and/or coverage of operation.
  • Frequency requirement, confirmation of availability and allocation/approval.
  • Examine proposed service coverage relative to permissibility of new operators.
  • To ascertain level of technical competence in relation to viability of system technology.
Organizational Plan
  • Examine organisation structure relative to staffing, involvement of expatriates, as well as training program.
  • To examine organizational capability and competence in terms of experiences of key personnel and the company.
  • Remember to Present a project implementation plans and status report - This should be designed specifically for network and network based services.

This is to demonstrate that you understand the service, ascertain status of project implementation in terms of: interconnection agreement, equipment type-testing, frequency approval, technical partnership, and to clarify any possible ambiguity in the project proposals.

  • Recommendation

This is to present that your suitability and qualify to get a license.

NCC has not set any minimum share capital. However, the Commission reserves the right to investigate the financial and technical capability of an applicant to deploy service in the license category chosen.

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Required Documents[edit]

To register for telecommunication Class license there are basic documents and requirement you must have.They include the followings:

  • Bank Draft
  • Obtain a bank draft of N1,000 payable to Nigerian Communications Commission for the form. (The Commissions name must be written in full on the draft)
  • Fill the application form and produce two more copies.
  • Attach the following documents :
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Tax Clearance Certificate but if it is a new Company, atax waiver letter should be obtained and attached to the submission.
  • Certified true copy of Articles and Memorandum of Association
  • 2 passport photographs of authorized representative
  • Certificate of qualified technical staff. (if applicable)
  • Completed application should be submitted in duplicate with all necessary documents attached and bound
  • License fee on submission of application is N10,000
  • All payments are in bank draft

The requirements for an Individual Licence are

  • Bank Draft
  • Obtain a bank draft of N1,000 payable to Nigerian Communication Commission for the form. (The Commissions name must be written in full on the draft)
  • Fill the application form and produce three copies
  • Attach the following documents :
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Current Tax Clearance Certificate but if it is a new ompany, a letter indicating tax waiver should be obtained and attached to the submission.
  • Certified true copy of Articles and Memorandum of Association.
  • 3 passport photographs of authorized representative.
  • Feasibility report of proposed service applied for.
  • Completed application should be submitted in triplicate with all necessary documents attached and bound.
  • On submission, a non refundable administrative charge which is 5% of the relevant licence fee would be paid.
  • License offer is granted if all conditions/requirements are met. All payments are in bank draft

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Nigerian Communication Commission

Head Office

Plot 423, Aguiyi Ironsi Street

Maitama, Abuja,

Federal Capital Territory.

Tel: +234-9-4617000

Fax: +234-9-4617514

Zonal Offices

Enugu Office

No 2, Ugwuoba Street

Off Ezilo Avenue

Independence Layout

Enugu State.

Tel: +234-42-250435, 257776

Fax: +234-42-250435

Ibadan Office

No 19, Oshuntokun Avenue

Old Bodija, Ibadan,

Oyo State.

Tel: +234-2-8104303

Fax: +234-2-8103997

Kano Office

No. 1, Sokoto Road,

By Audu Bako Secretariat,

Nasarawa GRA,

P.M.B 3212,

Kano State.

Tel: +234-64

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All Individual or companies interested in the Nigerian communications industry and other related communication products in Nigeria.


  • Public Payphone are required to pay 10,000 Naira.
  • Tele-Centre/Cyber Caf are required to pay 10,000 Naira.
  • Cabling are required to pay 10,000 Naira.
  • Repairs & Maintenance of Telecom Facilities 10,000 Naira.
  • Sales & Installation of Terminal Equipment 10,000 Naira.


The license is valid for a period of 2 years.

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

  • According to the provision of the Nigerian Communication Act 2003, an applicant must receive a response with respect to licence application within 90 days of the submission of the application.
  • However for Class Licence, once your application is complete, you get your offer letter immediately. For individual licence, depending on the service and completeness of required information, the conclusion of the process takes between 4?8 weeks.

Related Videos[edit]

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e.g In the following url "" Video ID is "Y0US7oR_t3M". 

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The Nigerian Communication commission, is the body in Nigeria that has a statutory responsibility of regulating and controlling the telecommunications industry.

The Nigerian Communication Commission with a mandate to efficiently manage, plan, coordinate, allocate, assign, register, monitor and use of scarce national resources in the communications sub-sector, including but not limited to frequency spectrum, numbers and electronic addresses, and also promote and safeguard national interests, safety and security in the use of the said scarce national resources.

It does this by regulating the work of Telecommunication industry in Nigerian for this purposes of creating an effective, impartial and independent regulatory authority.

All Companies applying for a license must be registered in Nigeria by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Required Information[edit]

The key information required is as follows:

1. Name of Applicant (or Authorized Representative)

2. Organization / Company.

3. Completed NCC application form ( FORM AP.03).

4. Certificate of Incorporation with the National communication commission, if a company.

5. Certified true copy of memorandum & Articles of Association.

6. Tax Clearance Certificate

7. information on Equipment standards and specifications.

8. Information on a random sample of the equipment that was done and a technical and conformity tests that was conducted by NCC

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Need for the Document[edit]

If you've chosen to go into Telecommunication business your are required to apply for a license from Nigerian Communications Commission.

The Nigerian Communication Commission is an independent National Regulatory Authority for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria. The Commission is responsible for creating an enabling environment for competition among operators in the industry as well as ensuring the provision of qualitative and efficient telecommunications services throughout the country.

It does this by ensuring fair competition in all sectors of the Nigerian communications industry and also encourage participation of Nigerians in the ownership, control and management of communications companies and organisations.

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Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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