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Start by filling out an application form for the scheme , you should gather information you will likely need when filling out an application.

  • if you're a new member you can apply immediately.
  • The application process for enrolling in government Social health insurance scheme plan is quite simple, because most of the plans will enroll everybody, regardless of pre-existing conditions and current state of health
  • Just fill out an enrollment form, which includes personal information like:
  • name,
  • address,
  • social security number,
  • designation of the primary insured and all dependents (including the names, ages, dates of birth and social security numbers for all dependents),
  • employment information including date of hire,
  • and the type of health insurance coverage you select.
  • You'll probably have to provide information about your prior health insurance coverage,
  • including the insurance company name and policy number.
  • The completed application goes back to the benefits insurance scheme coordinator, who will process your form, and you're finished and the wait to pick your card.

Apply Online
  • The whole process is so simple that some people decide to apply for Social health insurance online.
  • To do so, just visit the Nigeria Social health insurance company's web site on this link where you'll find an online application form.
  • You'll have to provide the same type of personal and employment information as above, and you'll just enter it onto an online application form.
  • When you're finished, click the submit button and the system takes over.
  • Applying for health insurance online really is painless, reliable and fast.
  • However, if you are not comfortable providing that amount of personal information over the internet, it's probably a good idea to apply for health insurance offline.

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Required Documents[edit]

  • National Identification Card.
  • Names and date of birth certificate.
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Identity card
  • Physical Address
  • Names of the family Members.
  • Information About your recent Insurance policy.
  • Names and addresses of doctors working on you.
  • Your employment
  • Health insurance plan through your employer,
  • medical examination report

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

National Health Insurance Scheme

P.O.W. Mafemi Crescent

Off Solomon Lar Way, Utako

P. M. B 400, Garki

Abuja, Nigeria





National Social health Scheme

Corporate Headquarters

Plot 297, Shehu Yaradua Way,

Utako District, Abuja. Nigeria.

Enrolment Issues

Mobile Health

Voluntary Contributor Social Health Insurance Scheme (VcShip)

Call Centre

Tel: 0805-928-2008,0808-328-0131,

Tel: 0803-979-6126,0806-574-4100,

Tel: 0805-901-5854

You can contact the Zonal and state office on the following link

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Citizen of Nigeria who follow in this category can Access the Social health insurance scheme facilities if they have a national identification Card.

  • The widows are eligible.
  • The Students are eligible.
  • The security organs of Nigeria are eligible.
  • The Employed persons can also access the Health insurance scheme through premium deduction from their Monthly Salary.
  • The Low income groups on all Levels in Nigeria.
  • It contracts with individuals, companies and government agencies for the provision of care and arranges premiums accordingly.

There various program that citizen can join and be eligible.

i. Formal Sector Social Health Insurance Programme
ii. Urban Self-employed Social Health Insurance Programme
iii. Rural Community Social Health Insurance Programme
iv. Children Under-Five Social Health Insurance Programme
v. Permanently Disabled Persons Social Health Insurance Programme
vi. Prison Inmates Social Health Insurance Programme
vii. Tertiary Institutions and Voluntary Participants Social Health Insurance Programme
viii. Armed Forces, Police and other Uniformed Services.


The fees required to be enrolled to the scheme Contributions are earnings-related.

For the Public (federal) sector programme,

  • the employer pays 3.25%
  • while the employee pays 1.75%, representing 5% of the employees consolidated salary.

For the private sector programme and other tiers of Government, the employer pays 10% while the employee pays 5% representing 15% of the employees basic salary.

  • However, the employer may decide to pay the entire contribution.
  • The employer may also undertake extra contributions for additional cover to the benefit package


  • Valid for period of 1-2 years depending on the circumstances.
  • However if you are holding international health scheme.
  • It can be renewed if you decide to extend your stay in Nigeria.

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

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You must be a citizen of Nigeria either working or not working or student or security personnel or a government official or widow.

  • It is very important that you should apply in personal.
  • Every employer is mandated by the law to register with the NHIS.
  • Every employer must affiliate itself with an NHIS-accredited Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).
  • The registration of prospective enrollees is the responsibility of the HMOs.

Required Information[edit]

  • National Identification Card.
  • Names and date of birth certificate.
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Identity card
  • Physical Address
  • Names of the family Members.
  • Information About your recent Insurance policy.
  • Names and addresses of doctors working on you.
  • Your employment

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Need for the Document[edit]

Nigeria Social Health Insurance Scheme can be defined as a system of advance financing of health expenditure through contributions, premiums or taxes paid into a common pool to pay for all or part of health services specified by a policy or plan.

Health Insurance can be broadly categorized as social or private health insurance

National Health Insurance Scheme was established by the National Council on Health in Nigeria in 1989.

  • To ensure that every Nigerian has access to good health care services
  • To protect families from the financial hardship of huge medical bills
  • To limit the rise in the cost of health care services
  • To ensure equitable distribution of health care costs among different income groups
  • To maintain high standards of health care delivery services within the Scheme
  • To ensure efficiency in health care services
  • To improve and harness private sector participation in the provision of health care services
  • To ensure equitable distribution of health facilities within the Federation
  • To ensure appropriate patronage of all levels of health care
  • To ensure the availability of funds to the health sector for improved services

Information which might help[edit]

Nigerian Social Insurance scheme programmes included in the current edition are

  • Community Base Social Health Insurance Programme,
  • Voluntary Contributors Social Health Insurance Scheme,
  • Tertiary Institution Social Health Insurance Scheme,
  • Refugees, Victims of Human Trafficking,
  • Internally Displaced Persons and Immigrants Social Health Insurance Programme.

Every registered employer is required to supply the following information to the Scheme and to the affiliated HMO:

i.Name of employer.
ii.Category of employer (ublic or private).
iii.Nominal rolls containing staff details and basic salaries.

  • The employee is required by law to register self, a spouse and four (4) biological children below the age of eighteen (18)years with the NHIS.
  • The employer shall bear the cost of production of initial NHIS enrollee identity card(s)
  • Additional dependents NHIS enrollee identity card(s).
  • Replacement of NHIS enrollee identity card(s).

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

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