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  • Submit a duly completed prescribed application form to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Submit all the necessary documents with the original application to Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.
  • This will determine the acceptability of the aircraft for registration.
  • The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority will evaluate the documents to establish its authenticity, genuity and validity.
  • It also allows the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority to verify that the aircraft Type Certificate complies with an acceptable airworthiness code.
  • On completion of a successful documents evaluation, the airworthiness inspector issues the aircraft acceptance for registration note.
  • After the aircraft has been evaluated and found acceptable for issue of a certificate of registration, the applicant is required to submit the following documents stated below to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.
  • The aircraft is finally registered after the processes are made and a certificate of Airworthiness is issued.

NCAA is empowered by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulation to issue a CofA for aircraft registered in Nigeria based on satisfactory evidence that the aircraft complies with the design aspects of the appropriate airworthiness requirements (type certificate) and is in a condition for safe operation.

Any registered owner of a Nigerian registered aircraft or agent of the owner may apply for an airworthiness certificate for the aircraft in the form and manner acceptable to the authority. NCAA may validate a CofA issued by another contracting state upon registration of the aircraft in Nigeria for the period specified in the validation certificate.

Where an aircraft does not qualify for issuance of a standard CofA, a special airworthiness certificate may be issued by the authority. Also, where an aircraft is capable of safe flight, but is unable to meet the applicable airworthiness requirements, a special flight permit may be issued by the authority.

Failure to maintain an aircraft in an airworthy condition as defined by the appropriate airworthiness requirements of the State of Registry shall render the aircraft ineligible for operations until the aircraft is restored to an airworthy condition.

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Required Documents[edit]

  • Duly completed prescribed application form to the FSI
  • full specification of the aircraft including
  • The full description of the type, model and serial number;
  • Type certificate data sheet;
  • Supplementary type certificate data, if any;
  • Make and part numbers of avionics and equipment installed;
  • Airworthiness Directives (ADs) status report;
  • Copy of the current Certificate of Registration, if applicable;
  • Copy of the current C of A, if applicable
  • for aircraft type or model that is new on the Nigeria aircraft register, the applicant should submit the application form and the documents listed above
  • A certificate or notice of de-registration from the previous State of Registry or a letter from the State of Manufacture, if the aircraft is new and has never been registered in any other state, confirming de-registration.
  • Document(s) to prove the aircraft ownership, (e.g. Bill of Sale, e.t.c.);
  • Proof of identityA copy of a government issued Identity Card (ID) or Passport if owned by an individual, or any other identification card approved by the FSI;
  • A certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation;if owned by a company;
  • Names of the directors of the company owning or leasing the aircraft and their specimen
  • signatures giving authority to register and/or operate the aircraft in Nigeria;This documents must also designate the person(s) who has the authority to transact on their behalf on matters relating to the aircraft registration and/or operation;
  • A certified copy of the lease agreement, if the aircraft is on lease;
  • A certified copy of the power of attorney from both the owner/lessor and the lessee;
  • A certified copy of an aircraft current Insurance Certificate; and
  • Proof of payment of the prescribed fees .

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority

Aviation House,

P.M.B. 21029,

21038 Ikeja, Lagos.

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An applicant for aircraft registration shall meet in full the eligibility requirements stated in Regulation 2.1.2 of Part 4 of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations.


Explain the fees structure which is required for obtaining the certificate/document.


  • Certificate remains valid as long as the aircraft meets its approved type design and is in a condition for safe operation. In Nigeria, a standard airworthiness certificate remains effective providing the maintenance, preventive maintenance and alterations are performed in accordance with relevant requirements and the aircraft remains registered in Nigeria.
  • A standard airworthiness certificate ceases to be valid when the aircraft ceases to be registered.

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

The process takes 90 working days

Related Videos[edit]

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  • The airworthiness certificate must be carried on board the aircraft and must be presented to a representative of the aviation authority upon request.
  • Change of ownership of an aircraft does not require re-issue or re-validation of that aircraft's standard airworthiness certificate.

Required Information[edit]

Basic Aircraft Information
  • Registration Code
  • Aircraft Serial Number
  • Aircraft Make
  • Aircraft Model
  • Type of Registration
Basic Contact Information
  • Applicant's Name
  • Applicant's Phone
  • Applicant's Fax
  • Applicant's Address
  • Change of Address

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Need for the Document[edit]

Aircraft Airworthiness is a term used to describe whether an aircraft has been certified as suitable for safe flight. It is the ability of an aircraft or other airborne equipment or system to operate without significant hazard to aircrew, ground crew, passengers or to the general public over which such airborne systems are flown.

Certification is initially conferred by a certificate of airworthiness (CofA) from a National Airworthiness Authority, and is maintained by the performance of the required maintenance actions by a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

The required scheduled maintenance actions are usually detailed in the Aircrafts System of Maintenance. However, minor inspections usually take place at every 100 hour flight hours, with more intensive maintenance inspections at longer intervals.

A standard airworthiness certificate is one of the certificates that are mandatory if an aircraft is to be used in commercial operations in Nigeria and some other countries.

Information which might help[edit]

Presently, Nigeria lacks the capability and demand to issue its own original type certification and will therefore not be the State of Design or State of Manufacture.

This poses complex situations for Countries,in respect of the airworthiness of aircrafts operated within the Country and in international aviation;as there are situations where aircraft are registered in Nigeria but were designed and manufactured in another Contracting State or aircrafts that are registered in Nigeria were designed in one Contracting State and manufactured in another Contracting State.

In addition, Nigeria may have Air Operating Certificate (AOC) holders who operate aircraft registered in another Contracting State, with different States of design and manufacture. Furthermore, Nigeria may have AOC holders who are part of a regional consortium, with maintenance facilities in a neighboring State.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

Please explain what are other uses of obtaining this document/certificate.
e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

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