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Step 1 Register a business name at the Regional Investment Center (CRI), Centre Regional dInvestissement).The certificat ngatif can be obtained in person or online at:
Step 2 Pay for a stamp duty at the Municipality. The mayors office will verifies the identity of the person signing the document.
Step 3 File documents with CRI to register with the Ministry of Finance for patent tax, with the Tribunal of Commerce, and for social security and taxation.
The Centre Regional dInvestissement (CRI) will require the following things
i)Deposit of bylaws and registration at the Tribunal of Commerce and the Company Registrar.
ii)Patente tax number.
iii)Two announcements: in a legal journal and in the Official Bulletin.
vi)Declaration of fiscal existence.
v)Social security affiliation.
vii)Legalization of legal books.
Step 4 File a declaration with the Ministry of Labour in Morocco. According to article 135 of the Labour Code, any company hiring employees must notify the Ministry of Labour about the opening of the company. The declaration must be signed by the employer and sent to the public agent responsible for the inspection.
step 5 The next step is to make a company stamp.The company should obtains a company seal from a seal maker this usually takes a day with a charge of MAD20.
Step 6You now need to register your business with the registrar of companies at the Regional Investment Center (CRI), . This includes filing an incorporation deed. This process takes 7 to 14 days. The certificate of incorporation is issued by the registrar of companies.

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Required Documents[edit]

i) Application Form
ii) Proof of Payment of a stamp duty.
iii)Official Gazette Publications. Two publications of company name (that is, the legal newspaper and the Official Gazette).(The text must be in Arabic and typed)
iv) Receipt showing proof of fixed fee of DH 1,000 for business incorporation.
v) Company stamp.
vi)Trading Tax and Fiscal ID Subscriptions.
vii)Articles of Incorporation
viii)Your company will require minimum 1 director and 2 shareholders with no restriction placed upon the nationality of either.
ix)A bank account must be opened prior to the incorporation to show that share capital of the company has been deposited.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Centre Rgional dinvestissement du Rabat-Sal-Zemmour-Zar

23, avenue An Nasr - ex Victoire 1000 Rabat

Tel : 0537776400

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You must be clear on the type of business you want to operate and register a (unique Business name)or the company name at the Regional Investment Center (CRI, Centre Regional dInvestissement).


On filing a document at ICR you will need to pay Fixed fee of DH 1,000 + DH200 (registration fee) + DH 350 (registration at commercial registry) + DH 150 publication fee (DH 8-9/ line in business paper, DH4/ line bulletin officiel).



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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

12 days

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i).The certificat ngatif can be obtained in person or online at:
ii).Your company must have a registered office address in Morocco.
iii).Obtain a stamp duty from the Municipal council of your area of residence.
iv).A company incorporated in Morocco requires a registered office there
v).Register a business name
vi)Must file a memorandum of association as part of its incorporation process

Required Information[edit]

i) single registration form
ii)Patente tax number.
iii)Social security affiliation(CNSS registration).
vi)Identity of the business owner
vii)Information on Business type

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Need for the Document[edit]

Reserving a Company Name is the first step in starting a proper process of operating a business in Morocco.The certificate is important in ensuring that a business complies with the established rules for that specific type of a business. The procedure for obtaining a business certificate is a bit lengthy.

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Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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