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Step 1

On the arrival at the port of entry identify the two custom clearance channels and fill a declaration form at customs for accompanying goods at the point of entry into morocco.

  • Documents must be express mailed 15 days prior to shipment arrival to apply for any possible duty-free exemption.

To facilitate Customs clearance, two channels have been set up at each port of entry into Morocco:

(i)a Green Channel
(ii)and a Red Channel.

The Green Channel is the one you take if you have nothing to declare (see A below). The Red Channel is the one you take if you do have goods to declare (see B and C).

These channels are indicated by signs in the Customs area.

Step 2

Then attach a list of all goods that are declared as free entry goods and indicate on the list that these are "household effects". It is recommended that electrical/appliance items be loaded near the container door. DVDs, CDs, video cassettes etc are also checked, thus must be easily identifiable. All dutiable/restricted items should be placed near the back of the container for easy access.

You can import free of Customs duties with no declaration or formalities :

1) Your personal clothing that you currently use.

2) Tobacco : - 200 grammes of manufactured tobacco intended for your personal consumption

3) Alcoholic beverages :

a.- a one-litre bottle of wine,
b.- a one-litre bottle of liqueur or other spirits.

4) Perfumes and eau de toilette :

a.- one (150 ml) bottle of perfume,
b.- one (250 ml) bottle of eau de toilette.

5) Souvenirs, gifts, etc., up to a total value of 2,000 Moroccan dirhams.

6) You may temporarily import items intended for your personal or professional use, such as a camera, a video camera, a pair of binoculars or a disk player. However, you must re-export these items at the end of your stay.

  • These measures do not concern you if you are a student or a traveling tradesperson.

7) medicine : You may import medicine in small amounts for personal use *submission of a sworn undertaking available in Customs offices,along with supporting medical documentation(medical certificate, prescription, etc.).

other than for personal use * Health Ministry authorization.
Step 3

Then provide a copy of completed inventory of imported goods to the director general of customs and Exercise Administration,indicating that the imported goods are for personal effect.

You may temporarily import items intended for your personal or professional use, such as :- camera, video camera, pair of binoculars or disk player,

a.- jewellery,
b.- tape recorder, radio, portable television set,camera,
c.- typewriter or calculator, portable laptop,mobile phone,
d.- sports machinery and equipment,
e.- portable musical instrument.

You must re-export these items at the end of your stay. If you are a Moroccan residing abroad, you may import, free of Customs duties, once every financial year, family gifts of a non-commercial nature with a total value of not more than 20,000 Moroccan dirhams.

Step 4

Attach the following documents.

a. Evidence of Identity (EOI) including at least one primary document (evidence of identity for documentary (paper) transactions)
b. A detailed packing list.
c. An Arrival Delivery Notice or Delivery Notice if you used (sea cargo) or Air Waybill notice if you used air (air cargo).
d. point of Destination.
e. This is a necessary step if you plan to enter Morocco by any land port-of-entry.
Step 5

Pay the necessary tax. You can now pay for all items that are not tax free and obtain a receipt from customs and Exercise administration officer.

Step 6

Obtain a clearance certificate: After the payment the port Authority will issue you a clearance certificate for both household effects and items that are taxed.

  • Moroccan Customs only accepts documents in French and Any translations will be at the clients expense.

Foreign Citizens should carry a copy of their passport with them at all times so that, if questioned by local officials, proof of identity and U.S. citizenship is readily available. Children born to a Moroccan father may experience difficulty leaving Morocco without the father's permission Under Moroccan law, these children are considered Moroccan citizens. Even if the children bear Foreign passports, immigration officials may require proof that the father has approved their departure before the children will be allowed to leave Morocco. Although women, regardless of their nationality, are normally granted custody of their children in divorces, the father must approve the children's departure from Morocco. Foreign citizen women married to Moroccans do not need their spouse's permission to leave Morocco

The following are Prohibited goods in Morocco

The importation of the following goods is prohibited : a- arms and ammunition, b- narcotic drugs, c- writings, printed documents, recorded cassettes and video-cassettes and all items contrary to morality and public order.

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Required Documents[edit]

  • Copy Passport showing Entry Permit
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of Change of Residence (returning citizens;certificate must be stamped by the Moroccan Consulate in the country of departure)
  • Original rated Bill of Lading (OBL) /Express Release/Air Waybill (AWB)
  • Detailed inventory in French dated, valued and signed by the shipper
  • Invoices for electrical,hi-fi appliances and items bought less than 6 months prior to import
  • Resident Permit / Work Permit / Letter of Employment Salary advice for the last 2years (returning citizens)
  • Exemption Certificate, if applicable (returning citizens).

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]


Avenue Annakhil, Hay Riad 10000 Rabat, Morocco

Phone : + 212 537 57.90.00 / + 212 537 71.78.00

E-mail :

Website :

From Morocco dial (Eco number) : 0801007000

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  • Non resident intending to settle in Morocco by taking up employment must apply for a work permit within the first 30 days of Your stay in Morocco.
  • You must be accompanying your household items in Person.
  • Foreign diplomats eligible for duty free entry to import their household goods and personal effects . Diplomats may also import alcohol and tobacco products.


Explain the fees structure which is required for obtaining the certificate/document.


valid for a period you import your goods into Morocco

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

The process can take up to 30 working days or less.

Related Videos[edit]

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Please remove the "&" inside the tags during implementation.

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  • Clients presence is not required for Customs clearance in Morocco.
  • Containers are physically inspected by Customs officers.
  • House hold goods and personal effects in reasonable amounts are usually duty-free if more than six months old.
  • If two shipments are being sent , the second shipment must arrive no later than six months after the first shipment.

Required Information[edit]

a. Passport - copy, including photo page and entry stamp into Morocco

b. Bill of Lading/Air Waybill (express B/L is acceptable)

'c. Comprehensive inventory list notarized in French


d. Change of Residence Certificate original, in French issued by local authorities at point of origin,signed, stamped on letterhead

c. Residence Visa obtained from nearest central police station in Morocco

d. Work Permit original, from employer in Authorization Letter - signed by client authorizing the Destination Agent to clear the shipment

e. Comprehensive Valued Inventory in French, notarized, dated & signed by client.

f. Packing List - in French Used household goods and personal effects are duty free if they have been in the shipper`s possession and use for a minimum of 6 months and an Exemption Certificate has been obtained.

g. Containers are systematically checked by Customs.

h. Therefore, it is recommended that electrical household appliances are loaded at the doors of the container for easy access by Customs.

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Need for the Document[edit]

All shipments for returning Moroccan are subject to inspection. Household goods and personal effects are duty free if the Moroccan returnee (shipper) can prove ownership of those goods at the point of entry at the customs.

Used household goods and personal effect are duty free provided the goods have been owned and used by the client for at least six months and the client have proved ownership of goods. All documents must reach the destination agent two weeks (15 days) prior to arrival of the shipment to allow the application to be granted duty free clearance.

The following are some of the goods exempted from Duties and are subject to inspection at the custom.

  • Necessary clothing, personal jewelry and toiletries.
  • Instruments & tools for professional/technical use
  • Normal household furniture & effects, owned & used prior to importation and not for sale.

All other household items whether new or used are assessed Customs duty. Household electronic devices,including DVD players, cameras, cell phones and computer printers, must be declared.

Laptop computers must be declared both upon arrival and departure. Tape recorders require special customs permits. Foreign currency must also be declared on arrival and departure.

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Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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