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Whether you are in Morocco or outside, the process for obtaining your visa are the same, except in the matter of its submission. The following are steps that can help you obtain your student visa more easily:

Moroccos best visa information is, unfortunately, in French. This makes finding visa information on the web very tough (unless you speak French of course).

How to Get a Student Visa for Morocco
Step 1

To get the process started, you need to choose a course you want to study in Morocco. It would be best to first check whether this is at an acceptable educational level and get the admission to that course before visiting the Embassy.

When you are accepted by a registered educational institution in Morocco, get your confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) from them and gather all the documents to be submitted to the Embassy.

  • Find your closest consulate;

Go to the Nearest Moroccan Embassy in resident country and apply for a Student visa this should be after you have received a letter of admission to any Moroccan recognized institution in Morocco.To qualify for entry to the Moroccan under a student visa, one needs to get a minimum score of 40 points for your application to be considered. The documentary evidence you need to is the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) reference number, which will be given to you by your education provider.

Publicly funded educational institutions, universities and colleges are among those institutions. The Moroccan immigration has committed to come up with a rapid and rigorous system so that private educational institutions can qualify for the status very soon.

Step 2

Complete the application form and other relevant documents following the the Study Visa requirements and checklist relevant to the purpose of your Study visit.

You may lodge your application for a Student Visa using a paper application to the Moroccan embassy or through an online application. Either way, you would need to complete the self-assessment form given in one of the appendices where you have to provide the Confirmation through the letter of acceptance given by a recognized institution in Morocco and the certification that you have the required amount money for for maintenance based on the length of your course and the location of the educational institution.

Step 3 Gather documentation

You will have to go to the the embassy or consulate and find out the required documents that apply to you for this type of visa. The required documents should look a lot like list below.

  • A visa application form duly filled out in capital letters and signed
  • Original passport (valid for over 6 months at the entry date)
  • Copy of the original passport (Pages 1-3)
  • Two passport size color photos with white background
  • Copy of the admission letter or class registration issued by the school in Morocco
  • Copy of the plane tickets or of the confirmed reservation

Step 4 Pay the prescribed visa fees.

The main applicant needs to pay the service charges, hand your complete application and obtain a receipt as prescribed by the Embassy,addition visa fees will also be added for each family member (partner or children) applying at the same time or at a later time with that of the main applicant. The Morocco is an exciting place to study with its wide mix of cultural diversity and energy. Morocco schools, colleges and universities are among the best in the North Africa.The are 14 universities in Morocco, of which the Mohammed V University in Rabat is regarded as the most prestigious, having faculties of law, liberal arts, medicine and sciences. Student visa holders are allowed to work part time while they study and receive free medical treatment as well as qualifying sponsorship programs . You can also bring your dependent spouse, civil partner and children, who receive free elementary and high school education. Dependants can work full time.

Make sure you follow all instruction on your application form otherwise your application Form will be returned to you.

Step 5 Submit materials
  • Submit your required materials,make sure you bring your passport, photographs completed forms and all supporting documents as per checklist and fee and payment instructions. Applicable service charges will be levied from visa fee from the embassy or consulate.
  • Each embassy and consulate will have different submission rules, so you will need to go to the website of the embassy to find out the in-person or by-mail submission instructions.

Step 6 Receive your visa.

Upon fulfilling all the required documents, the Embassy or Consulate of Morocco will give to you your brand new Morocco student visa.

Important Note

Please note that before a visa can be issued, all non-immigrant visa applicants, including for student visas, must demonstrate strong social and economic ties to their country of residence such that compel their return after a temporary study stay in Morocco.

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Required Documents[edit]

1.A valid passport, for at least six months beyond your visit

2.Two photocopies of the passport's 1st page and one photocopy each of last page

3.Student Visa application forms

4.Passport sized photo not more than six months old must be affixed to the visa form.

5.Receipt of fees paid to Embassy must be attached too.

6.Relevant test scores,

7.A copy of the letter of admission

8.Students of art or design are recommended to carry their portfolio.

9.All relevant financial documents.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Ministry of Migration Affairs
Mme. Tigratine Fatima

Direction Expatriates and Migration Affairs in Morocco

59, Rue Moulouya, Agdal 10000, Rabat, Maroc

63, Rue Oum Erbii, Agdal 10000, Rabat, Maroc

Tl: 212 5 37 77 65 88 /

Tel: 212 5 37 77 65 64

Fax: +212 (0) 537 77 00 06


Direction des Affaires de la Migration

Tlphone +212 (0) 537 68 65 93

Fax +212 (0) 537 68 26 36

Direction de la Communication et de la Mobilisation des Comptences MRE

Tlphone +212 (0) 5 37 68 20 43

Fax +212 (0) 5 37 68 20 13

If youre inside the U.S.

Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco

1601 21st Street NW

Washington, DC 20009

Tel: (202) 462-7979 to 82

Fax: (202) 265-0161

Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in New York

10 E. 40th Street

New York, NY 10016

Tel: (212) 758-2625

Fax 212-395-8077

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Any student from another country who has an admission letter from a recognized educational institution in Morocco;


Fees vary basing on the nationality of applicant.


Valid for a period of 3 years

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

Two (2) fifteen (15) days

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1. A student must have been admitted in a recognized education institution in Morocco; permit does not permit work for a student in Morocco;

4. Holding a student study Visa is not confirmation of entry into Morocco.;

5.A student must meet all the requirements for in order to obtain a Visa.

6.Application can be submitted online or directly to the Embassy.

7.Payments must be made in the bank in Morocco.

8. ensure to submit all the required documents.

Required Information[edit]

1.Name and address of student

2.Nationality of foreign student

3.Sex, age, marital status of student

4.Level of education

5.Particulars of the enrolling university / institution in Morocco (Name, contact and physical address);

6.Particulars of course / programme of study;

7.Year of admission and duration of course;

8.Physical and contact address of host where applicant shall be staying while in the country

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Need for the Document[edit]

If you got accepted to a school in Morocco, you are going to need to apply for a Morocco Student Visa.

Student visa valid up to five years or the duration of course (whichever is less) is granted to a foreigner coming to Morocco to pursue a course of regular and full-time academic studies in a recognized institution. The applicant should furnish proof of admission in a recognized/reputed educational institution and evidence of financial support.

In case of admission to a medical or para-medical course, a no objection certificate from the Ministry of Health must be furnished. Student visa valid for up to 6 months can be granted for exploring admission or for taking admission tests. There is no restriction on the number of courses of study that can be pursued or with respect to change of course or institute or both.

Moroccan citizens between the ages of 14 and 79 must give their biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) when applying for a study Visa or work permit. Student visas can also be granted for study of Yoga, Moroccan Culture, Moroccan System of Music/Dance in recognized institutions. Arrow.

A provisional visa may be issued in cases where the applicant does not have a firm letter of admission from the university, recognized college or educational institution.

The reason for not having a firm letter can include pending admission tests or other requirements. In such cases, the provisional student visa may be issued on the basis of the provisional admission certificate / letter of offer issued by the institution in Morocco. A provisional visa is valid for 3 months. If admission is not given or confirmed within the stipulated period, the student will have to leave Morocco. No extension of a provisional student visa is allowed.

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