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Step one 

lodging in the application:

  • The application should be made directly to the Moroccan immigration office.
  • Attach the following documents required are listed below:
Step two

lodging the application :

  • The application for the biometric passport should be made by the applicant or his/her legal representative to the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco. The presence of the applicant is compulsory ( even in the case of an underage)
Step 3 

following up the application

  • The applicant may track the process of his/her biometric passport application by logging to suivi de la demande on website.
Step 4 

Collection of the passport:

  • A passports can be collected at the Migration offices or Consulate General at the Moroccan Embassy in the foreign Country after a period of process provided that the applicant presents the following documents;
  • Receipt of the deposit of the application.
  • The original proof of identity issued by the competent local authority.

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Required Documents[edit]

  • A Copy of a valid original Moroccan Identity Card
  • 2 personal pictures for the passport
  • Stamp fee of 500 Dirhams
  • A valid consular card.
  • A birth certificate or an extract copy from the registrar of birth.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Ministry of Expatriates and immigration Affairs

Rabat, Maroc


+212 (0) 537 77 65 88

+212 (0) 537 77 72 03

+212 (0) 537 77 65 64

- Fax +212 (0) 537 77 00 06



Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation

Avenue F. Roosevelt,Rabat

Tel : 537-762-841/ 761-583/ 761-123/ 762-195

Fax : 537-765-508/ 764-679

Email :

Website :

Other Contact

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To be eligible for a passport in Morocco you must be a Moroccan citizen All Moroccan nationals, regardless of their age, are entitled to a passport, unless prohibited by a Moroccan court decision.


  • Stamp fee of 600.00 Dirhams.
  • New passport 720.00 Dirhams
  • passport for minors (under 18) Free
  • Parental authorization for minors 60.00
  • Travel Document 170.00
  • Certificate of lost or damaged passport 110.00
  • Consular registration 70.00


Valid for 10 years

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

Processing takes 4-6 weeks.

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  • The Adult applicant should present a letter from local Authority stating that they are applying for a passport.
  • All passport applicants should supply proof of citizenship ie National Identification cards.
  • Fill application forms in Arabic and English
  • Applicants who have turned 18 years of age should present a certified set of fingerprints taken at a police station.

Required Information[edit]

  • Copy of a valid original Electronic Moroccan Identity Card*
  • 2 personal pictures for the passport
  • Stamp fee of 600 Dirhams converted in (equivalent to the currency of your country)
  • A valid consular card.
Adults without a valid Identity Card are required to submit the additional documents listed as follows
  • Copy of the receipt of the application for the 1st issue or renewal of the Identity card delivered by the General Administration of the National Police or by the service in charge at the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in a foreign country.
  • A birth certificate or an extract copy from the registrar of birth.
  • A valid consular card.
The adults placed under care should provide the additional following document
  • Legal proof showing the capacity of the representative and his/her relation with the person cared for
  • Under age of 12 and above
  • Copy of the receipt issued by the General Administration the National Police or by the ID service at the Moroccan General Consulate in Foreign country following the finger prints taking.
  • A birth certificate or an extract copy from the registrar of birth.
  • A valid consular card.
  • 2 personal pictures for the passport.
  • Legal proof showing the capacity of the representative and his/her relationship with the minor.
  • A stamp fee of 600.00 Dirhams (converted in currency of your country).
  • The old passport in case of renewal or declaration of loss or theft if this is the case.

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Need for the Document[edit]

Moroccan passports are issued to nationals and citizens of Morocco for the purpose of international travel. Besides serving as a proof of Moroccan citizenship, they facilitate the process of securing assistance from Moroccan consular officials abroad if needed. Since 15 December 2009, a biometric passport was available for all new applicants.

Moroccan citizens can now apply for a passport anytime, anywhere. You can apply for Moroccan passport Online by visiting the web portal with the new enrollment program, a web portal outlining issuance requirements takes applicants through the procedure step by step, from the comfort of their keyboard.once proof of identity has been gathered, the applicant can fill in an online form to print and submit in person at the prefecture.

  • The passport for normal citizens is GREEN
  • The passport for diplomats is RED

Information which might help[edit]

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Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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