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  • Download passport application forms from the website address
  • Please read the instructions given in passport application form.
  • Fill in the form
  • Two photographs with white background are required: One is to be pasted on first page of the application form while the other on the second page & then attested across with office seal and signature of the head of office.
  • Application form is to be submitted along with all necessary documents as applicable.Political/Government clearance, copy of id of applicant or of the head of the office.
  • If the applicant has an ordinary passport, it may be kept in the safe custody of the applicants departments and a certificate to this regard i.e. Safe Custody Certificate in original form should be attached together with the application form.
  • if it is certified then the Diplomatic passport shall be issued to the applicant in the shortest period possible.and the visit will be approved by the competent authorities, and the period of deputation will be treated as GOM/state Govt.

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Required Documents[edit]

  • Your birth certificate
  • A letter from local authorities
  • Validity identity document like identity card, driving license
  • Proof of physical address and postal address with contact numbers

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Ministry of Expatriates and immigration Affairs
Rabat, Maroc


+212 (0) 537 77 65 88

+212 (0) 537 77 72 03

+212 (0) 537 77 65 64

- Fax +212 (0) 537 77 00 06


website :

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation

Avenue F. Roosevelt,Rabat

Tel : 537-762-841/ 761-583/ 761-123/ 762-195

Fax : 537-765-508/ 764-679

Email :

Website :

Other Contact

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To be eligible for a diplomatic passport in Morocco you must be a Moroccan citizen and a member of royal family,or top ranking government officials or a diplomats.


issued for free


valid for 10 years

Documents to Use[edit]

Please attach documents that can be used by people. e.g. links

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Sample Documents[edit]

Please attach sample completed documents that would help other people.

Processing Time[edit]

Processing takes 5- 14 days

Related Videos[edit]

Videos explaining the procedure or to fill the applications. 
Attach videos using the following tag <&video type="website">video ID|width|height<&/video&> from external websites.
Please remove the "&" inside the tags during implementation.
Website = allocine, blip, dailymotion, facebook, gametrailers, googlevideo, html5, metacafe, myspace, revver, 
sevenload, viddler, vimeo, youku, youtube
width = 560, height = 340, Video ID = Can be obtained from the URL of webpage where the video is displayed.
e.g In the following url "" Video ID is "Y0US7oR_t3M". 

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  • Diplomatic and official passports are issued to people holding diplomatic status in morocco for official duties abroad.
  • Must be bonafide Moroccan citizen

Required Information[edit]

  • Moroccan Identity Card*
  • A copy of the applicant's valid CNIE (carte nationale d'identit lctronique).
  • Two passport size color photos with a white background.
  • any public document indicating date , place of birth and citizenship.
  • Political clearance,
  • Copy of id of applicant or of the head of the office.

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Need for the Document[edit]

Diplomatic passport This is a Red cover passport - Issued to members of the Moroccan royal family, top ranking government officials, and diplomatic couriers and consuls when they are posted to overseas, and they may be issued to other people within the government as well, deepening on the circumstances. The Moroccan diplomatic passport has the following wordings

  • Middle: The Coat of Arms of Morocco
  • Bottom: " "PASSEPORT" "PASSPORT"

Information which might help[edit]

Enter other informations which might help

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

Please explain what are other uses of obtaining this document/certificate.
e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

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