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  • Go to the Office of General Directorate of Taxes at the Costumes and Exercise Administration (CEA)and give them specific information about your company within 3 months of starting up in business. The corporate tax regime is based upon territoriality. Net profits earned by foreign subsidiaries and establishments of Moroccan companies are not taxable until profits are actually repatriated and distributed to shareholders.
  • Bring the required documents.
  • Present the documents.These includes the following:
i) A copy of certificate of incorporation.
ii) List of staff and their annual salaries.
iii)The Directors Tax Clearance Certificates (now Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate)
iv) Letter of application for registration
  • pay a registration fee. Morocco imposes a registration fee at a fixed rate of 0.50 percent on the forming or increasing of company capital. This rate is reduced to 0.25 percent for deeds of partnership or capital increase of investment banks and companies the main purpose of which is either stocks and shares management or application for other companies on joint account.
  • Pick up your corporate profit tax certificate. The calendar year is normally the fiscal year although a company may opt for a different fiscal year. Accounts for income tax purposes must be filed within three months after the end of the relevant accounting period.

Morocco operates a territorial tax system. Companies (both resident and non-resident) are generally subject to corporate tax only on income generated from activities carried on in Morocco. The tax year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31 of the same year.

Corporate tax is payable in four equal installments, based on the prior years assessment. The actual amount payable is adjusted in the three months following the end of the accounting period.

The Online Tax Services (Simpl) were developed by the Directorate-General for Taxation in order to allow users to fulfill their tax return electronically.

For companies wishing to join Simple teleservices (Simpl-VAT and / or Simpl-corporate tax), they can address their application form to the regional tax department,in the service large corporations to which depends the taxpayer. The file should include the debit authorization duly endorsed by a partner bank.

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Required Documents[edit]

  • A copy of certificate of incorporation.
  • List of staff and their annual salaries.
  • The Directors Tax Clearance Certificates (now Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate)
  • Letter of application for registration,

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]


Avenue Annakhil, Hay Riad 10000 Rabat, Morocco

Phone : + 212 537 57.90.00 / + 212 537 71.78.00

E-mail :

Website :

From Morocco dial (Eco number) : 0801007000

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Moroccan corporations both private and government institution are entitled to corporate profit tax.


Corporate income tax is governed by the provisions of the General Tax Code.

Corporate income tax applies at a general rate of 30%. Banks, financial institutions and insurance companies are subject to tax at a rate of 37%.

A reduced rate of 10% applies to companies with taxable income of less than MAD300,000. The Casablanca Finance City regime provides a 10% rate for companies with regional or international head offices in Casablanca.

The following are the rate of Corporate Tax in Morocco.

  • 30%: Normal rate
  • 37 %: Fixed rate for credit institutions, Bank Al Maghrib, CDG, insurance and reinsurance companies and leasing companies.
Tax rate of 8%

Optional for foreign companies having won a construction or assembly contract and practicing in Morocco

All companies must pay a minimum tax of either (whichever is the greatest):

  • MAD3,000.
  • 0.5% of the annual turnover.


Valid for 1 year.

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

processing is 5-7 days

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  • The corporate tax amount cannot be lower than a minimum contribution (MC)which calculation base is composed of the operating revenues amount (excluding VAT ) referred by the law.
  • The minimum contribution is not payable by the companies during the first 36 months following the start of their planned operations, except companies working.
  • The MC amount cannot be below 1500 DH and must be made in a single payment,before the end of the third month following the start of the current financial year.

Required Information[edit]

  • Name of Taxpayer
  • Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Business Name or Trade Name of Taxpayer
  • Status
  • Bank Details
  • Name of Bank
  • Bank branch
  • Account Number
  • Type of Employment
  • Total Income Chargeable Income Total Tax Payable
  • Details of Salary paid and Person relief tax deducted from Employees

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Need for the Document[edit]

The Moroccan taxation system consists of direct and indirect taxes. Indirect taxes provide a greater source of tax revenue than the direct taxes. Moroccan corporations are subject to a unitary tax system called the corporate tax (impt sur les socits orS).Corporate Tax concerning income and profits earned by companies and other legal entities in Morocco.

The Corporate tax applies mandatorily to income and profits of capital companies, public institutions and other corporations that carry out lucrative transactions and on an irrevocable basis to partnerships.

Both resident and non-resident companies have to pay corporate tax on their Morocco-sourced income. Resident companies are those which are incorporated in Morocco or having their place of effective management in Morocco. All foreign corporations, with a permanent establishment in Morocco are subject to taxation on income arising locally.

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