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Step 1 : Start by taking a look at your passport/travel documents. It should be in good condition, have at least two blank passport pages and also should be valid for more than six months from the time you travel.Then apply manually at the port of entry on arrival.Fill the application form

Step 2 : Once the form is finished being filled out, and remember to put your signature.Then attach all the necessary documents along side your application form,The required photographs should be on a white background. They need to be 2 x 2 inches and wearing glasses or head wear is prohibited. The Moroccan immigration Authority at the port also now requests the photos not be stapled to the application. Leave your photographs loose and just paperclip them to the application without damaging the photos.

You will also have to show proof of residential address. Make a photocopy of your valid driver's license or utility bill. The address that was listed on the application form should match the address on your license or utility bill.

When you are traveling with a child, submit a copy of your child's birth certificate. The signature on the application form should be from both parents, not the child. Also, both parents will have to include a copy of their passport.

step 3 : A Letter of Request for free zone entry visa would need to be submitted to the Moroccan immigration Authority at the port to get permission for re-entry before two months have gone by.Letter of Application from company on behalf of expatriate to Free Zone Authority indicating acceptance of Immigration Responsibility of the applicant. On the other hand, if you already have an extended itinerary to multiple countries that also shows the re-entry date to Morocco then you do not have to submit a Letter of Request.

step 4 : Once you have all the requirements nailed down, head on over to the immigration entry port in Morocco. present your application form together with all the relevant documents and pay for processing of your documents,you will be given a receipt.

The processing times vary depending on how busy the entry port is at the time of arrival.The processing may take less than a day to clear you for entry and you will be offered on arrival a visa free zone entry visa.

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Required Documents[edit]

a) Valid travel Document/Passport
b) Proof of Citizenship/national Identification Card.
c) Letter of Application from company on behalf of expatriate to Free Zone Authority.
d) Duly completed Application Form.
e) Photocopy of ID Card (where applicable)

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation

Avenue F. Roosevelt,Rabat

Tel : 537-762-841/ 761-583/ 761-123/ 762-195

Fax : 537-765-508/ 764-679

Email :

Website :

Ministry of the Interior

Avenue Mohammed V,

Quartier Administratif Rabat

Tel : 537-761-861

Fax : 537-762-056

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This type of visa is Eligible to visitors who come to Morocco under countries agreement with Morocco whose citizen were granted visa-free entry or under any other conditions.


Applicable Fees
i) DHS 710(US$88.75) for single categories of re-entry visa
ii) DHS 2130(US$266.25) for multiple category of re-entry visa
iii) DHS 2130(US$266.25)TWP fees Category.

You can pay either in Morocco currency or in US Dollars.


A free zone Entry Visa is valid for three years.

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

The process takes about 3 days to an hour.

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i) Expatriate Quota is a requirement for Free Zone Entry Visa
ii) The applicant must be Carry a genuine passport/travel document.
iii) The Declaration form must be filled on arrival at the port of entry.
iv) Provide Biometric information.
v) the right of admission is vested in Immigration authorities at the port of arrival
vi) The period of stay in Morocco is granted on the entry pass.
vii) Entry should be made only through the countrys gazetted ports of entry/exit.

Required Information[edit]

Expatriate must provide the following in support of the application
i) introduction letter from free zone Authority.
ii) Offer letter from Employment in a licensed Free Zone company
iii) credentials for expatriates
iv) A Valid Passport
v) An application form for the visa
vi) Proof of payment.
vii) Colored Two (2) passport photographs

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Need for the Document[edit]

A Moroccan Free Zone entry visa is a visa obtainable at port of entry and land boarder is issued by the Moroccan visa authorities to a person for entry, exit or transit through Morocco on the Expatriate Quota system agreement with other countries. Free zone Entry visas are issued according to the applicants status, purpose of visit and passport type. Travelers must present proof of payment in the form of a printed payment receipt AND acknowledgement slip, visas paid for in cash will NOT be accepted upon arrival.

Information which might help[edit]

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Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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