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In person[edit]

  • You are required to get the application form from the insurance office nearest to you across the country, or even at the nearest Libyan embassy or even consulate
  • Fill in the application form with all the detail information
  • Along with the application form, submit all the necessary documents.
  • Upon review and approval of the submitted documents, the responsible office will issue a payment draft which you will take to the bank and pay the required amount in addition to the bank charge
  • This will be followed by presenting the bank receipts and upon verification of the payment, you will be told when to go and pick your Travel insurance certificate depending on the numbers of the days given

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Required Documents[edit]

  • Full name
  • 3 recent, colored photographs of size 3x4 cm with white background and your name at the back of the photograph
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Valid identity proof
  • Address

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Ministry of Economy & Trade
T : (21) 480-9361
F : (21) 480-9361
W :

Ministry of Tourism
Bab Albahr
Near Tripoli Seaport
Tel.: 021-3364621 (+218213364621)
Fax: 021-3364605 (+218213364605)

The Libyan Ministry of Tourism:
AlJala Road,
P.O. Box 82063 (and P.O. Box 71981),
Tripoli, Libya;
Tel: (+218) 21 3334673;
(+218) 21 503 041;
Fax: (+218) 21 4445336.

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An foreigner wishing to travel Libya must buy travel insurance to cover all their needs whilst travelling in Libya.


The cost of Travel insurance optional covers varies from one provider to another -- usually starting from around 20.
others charge Libyan Dinar (LYD) = 1000 dirhams.


Valid For 1 year .

Documents to Use[edit]

Please attach documents that can be used by people. e.g. links

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Sample Documents[edit]

Please attach sample completed documents that would help other people.

Processing Time[edit]

Between seven (7) to ten (14) business days

Related Videos[edit]

Videos explaining the procedure or to fill the applications. 
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Any foreigner is strongly advised to insure his/her self against any possible risk and ensure that all his /her property are in possession of valid travel insurance for the entire duration of his/ her stay in Libya.

Required Information[edit]

  • Visors are required to provide biometric data in order to obtain travel insurance and then a visa to travel to Libya.
  • One completed visa application form.
  • Four recent passport-size photos
  • Visa authorization telex/invitation with reference number from Libya or travel agent Proof that you are sponsored which will help to organize the issue of the Travelers insurance visa.

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Need for the Document[edit]

Travel insurance covers medical expenses and financial losses while travelling, such as loss of luggage, non-refundable per-payments, trip cancellation fees, loss incurred as a result of bankruptcy of tour provider, theft of or damage to personal possessions including money, travel documents and passports, accidental death, and emergency evacuation/repatriation.

There are different types of travel insurance, such as business travel, leisure travel and adventure travel, each of which covers certain activities, conditions and countries. You are strongly advised to insure yourself against any possible risk and ensure that you are in possession of valid travel insurance for the entire duration of your tour, and that your insurance policy covers personal accidents, medical expenses and repatriation costs.

Usually the standard policy covers the following:

  • Trip delay
  • Trip interruption
  • Trip cancellation
  • Luggage delay
  • Loss of luggage & personal effects
  • Loss of sporting equipment
  • Flight connections missed due to airline schedule
  • Car rental collision coverage
  • Security evacuation
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Medical care expenses
  • Accidental death
  • Repatriation costs

Information which might help[edit]

Some insurance policies exclude certain countries or some regions of some countries, and therefore it is your sole responsibility to ensure the countries and regions you intend to visit are included in your plan.
It is important therefore to have a comprehensive travel insurance while travelling in Libya or in any other country.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

Please explain what are other uses of obtaining this document/certificate.
e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

External Links[edit]

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  • With political unrest in Libya, insurance for anyone working or travelling here is vital. Standard policies are still likely to be invalid. If you need to visit, you should take out specialist insurance that will provide the cover you need and will remain valid despite the higher potential risks.