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Saving account is required for an individual to transact his money with respective financial institution i.e Bank
Apply In-Person

  1. First select the bank for opening your saving account.
  2. Find the nearest branch and go there.
  3. Talk to the help desk / executive about your requirement. They will advise on the KYC documents (aadhar, residence proof etc), deposit amount if any, In some banks introducer (an account holder) should be referred.
  4. Obtain the respective application form fill it with appropriate details and submit it with required documents to the receiving executive. Make sure to sign the document without any mistake.
  5. The executive thoroughly verifies the application, you may be provided with an acknowledgement.
  6. Keep the acknowledgement handy.
  7. This application gets processed and intimation over mobile enables applicant to activate his/her account.
  8. Applicant gets check book and bank pass book as per norms of the respective bank.
  9. The ATM card along with instructions will reach applicant through post as per the address provided by applicant.
  10. Applicant shall use his account from this point onwards
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Required Documents[edit]

  • Application form
  • PAN card
  • Proof of residence (Voters card, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Passport, driving license)
  • Identity proof (Permanent Account Number (PAN), Ration card, Aadhar Card)
  • Passport size photograph

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Department of Financial Services,
Ministry of Finance
3rd Floor, Jeevan Deep Building,
Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001.
Fax No. - 23742207, 23360250(Banking Division), 23344605(Ins. )
Contacts Link: link

Bank in India : link please select the respective bank for details.

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  • You should have valid address proof and identity proof documents to open a savings bank account
  • If account is required for a minor, then they shall follow the norms as guided by respective bank.


  • Account opening attract charges in the form of minimum balance, for debit card, check book, Pass book etc.
  • Amount varies from bank to bank and state to state.


  • Your validity of savings account in any nationalized bank is lifetime.
  • If there are no transactions for a long time, according to RBI rules, your account status will be converted to dormant.

Documents to Use[edit]

Please attach documents which can be used by people eg.links.

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Sample Documents[edit]

Please attach sample completed documents which would help other people .    

Processing Time[edit]

  • If your application is fair and complete, the processing time will be less than 7 working days.
  • Some banks do instant account opening.

Related Videos[edit]

Videos explaining the procedure or to fill the applications. 
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  • You can open a savings account by applying in person
  • You should have valid documents such as ration card, pan card, voter id card
  • You should complete the application forms manually or apply online and submit in the bank
  • The applicant should submit two to three passport size photographs with the application
  • Bank verifies the data and your account will be opened within 7 days
  • Some banks will insist for introductory and some others do not
  • Enquire in the bank where you are applying

Required Information[edit]

The following information is required to complete the application form.

  • Full Name of the applicant
  • Applicants Date of birth
  • Fathers Name
  • Email Id
  • Address for communication including temporary and permanent
  • Passport Size photographs of the applicant
  • Photocopy of address proof such as electricity bill, ration card
  • Photocopy of identity such as PAN card, Aadhar card

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Need for the Document[edit]

  • Your hard earned money cannot be kept with you wherever you live and it is not safest way.
  • Your money should be kept safe and you require a Savings Bank account in nationalized banks such as State Bank of India, State Bank of Hyderabad, Indian Bank, Andhra Bank, Canara Bank etc. All the nationalized banks follow the instructions according to Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
  • Saving account holders get a percentage of interest for the amount lying in their account as per norms.

Information which might help[edit]

  • The rate of interest offered on the balance in a savings account varies from bank to bank.
  • Applicant shall make use of the online facility for financial transaction

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

You can deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds using your bank account. Also, your bank account can be used as address proof for various services. If you are applying for VISA, your account statement is useful for a period of 6 months. If you are availing loan, your transactional history is very much useful.

External Links[edit]

Reserve Bank of India

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