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  • In order to obtain a temporary residence permit, the applicant is required to appear in person, unless he/she is unable to appear due to his/her health condition.
  • The applicant must submit a completed form along with all other required documents and pay the processing fee.
  • Applicants over the age of 6, will have their photo taken and their fingerprints collected before the issuance of the permit.
  • Residence permit applications, with exceptions specified in the law, shall be submitted at the consular officer or at other locations authorized to receive residence permit applications which operates in the country of the applicants permanent residence or nationality. The third country national can apply for the issuance of a residence permit visa, without applying for this particularly, in a permanent residence application prior to his/her entry to Hungary.
  • In case the regional directorate grants the issuance of the residence permit to the applicant, a residence permit visa may also be issued simultaneously, of course everything will depend on the regional director's decision.
  • The applicant may ask the aliens policing authority to send him/her the residence permit through mail or he/she can collect the document personally at the regional directorate.
  • In case the request was denied by authorities, the applicant can lodge an objection, which can be submitted at the authority that made the first instance decision within 8 days after the communication of the decision. The administrative service fee for appeal is HUF 5,500, which shall be paid with revenue stamp by the applicant.


  • Third country nationals possessing permanent residence visa are entitled to enter Hungary only once and stay for 30 days, it is advisable for the third country national to visit the nearest regional directorate of the Office of Immigration and Nationality after arriving in Hungary as soon as possible in order to receive the residence permit and register his/her accommodation in Hungary.
  • The Hungarian law allows not only the application for issuance of a residence permit at a foreign representation of Hungary, but also the application for a residence permit in the territory of Hungary, therefore the third country national staying in the territory of Hungary can submit his residence permit application at the responsible regional directorate of the Office of Immigration and Nationality as well, in case the domestic application is based on exceptional circumstances, such as family reunification or medical treatment, or the purpose of stay longer than 90 days within 180 days is research or the applicant is a citizen of a country listed in the II. Annex of the Council Regulation (EC) No 539/2001, or a family member of such a third country national staying in the territory of Hungary legally.


Required Documents[edit]

In case of a temporary residence permit, the applicants primary intention is to spend his/her holiday in Hungary while a third country citizen can, if it is possible under an international agreement, undertake work or pursue studies. The purpose of stay must be documented accordingly.

For those whose purpose of staying in Hungary is to carry out a paid activity:

  • a document certifying an employment relationship, and in the cases specified by separate laws, a work permit
  • temporary employment booklet
  • a contract of agency, work contract, or a contract for use concluded as a private individual

For those whose purpose of staying in Hungary is to study:

  • certificate of admission issued by the educational institution providing the education or training
  • document evidencing a student legal relationship
  • other documents may be required by authorities to be submitted to support the application

If the international agreement requires fulfilment of the conditions of habitation, subsistence, or insurance covering health services, the fulfilment of these conditions can be certified with the following documents.

Documents to be submitted to support applicant's financial condition necessary to able to stay in Hungary

A third country citizen is deemed to have the funds available during the citizen's stay in Hungary exceeding 90 days within 180 days, or has lawfully earned an income available to him/her or his/her family member and is enough to cover the costs relating to their subsistence, dwelling, exit, and, if necessary, the costs of health services. Applicant may submit:

  • a certificate issued by a financial institution regarding a bank account managed in Hungary or abroad
  • an income certificate issued by the tax authority with respect to the previous year
  • a certificate of income issued by the applicant's employer
  • a certificate issued by the employer and/or the tax authority with respect to regular income from abroad
  • a declaration made before a notary public by a family member having a residence permit, the legal status of an immigrant or settled person, a residence card, a or permanent residence card, or is recognised as a refugee in Hungary, giving assurance to maintain and support the applicant, and the document evidencing the ability of the person undertaking maintenance to provide support; or
  • other documents that can substantiate the applicant's source of income

Documents that can be submitted to prove the existence of accommodation in Hungary

Only property registered as a residential house/apartment or other habitable dwelling, providing that the habitable space is at least 6 square meters per habitant, or a commercial or other accommodation that is deemed appropriate by law, may be accepted as a Hungarian residence.

Applicant may submit:

  • the rental agreement certifying a lessee/lessor relationship
  • a document certifying the use of the flat by courtesy
  • a document evidencing the ownership of the flat, with a less than 30-day old copy of the title deed
  • a valid letter of invitation supplied with the authoritys approval
  • a document evidencing the availability of a reserved and paid place of accommodation;
  • a declaration made by a family member holding a residence visa or residence permit in Hungary, having the legal status of an immigrant or a settled person, or holding a residence card or permanent residence card in accordance with a special law, or is recognised as refugee, of which declaration a notarial deed has been drawn up, and which provides assurance for ensuring a place of dwelling for the applicant; or
  • a contract of sale and purchase of a real estate and a copy of the decision of the competent metropolitan or county government office granting permission for the acquisition of a real estate;
  • other documents that can substantiate the applicant's accommodation in Hungary

Documents that can support the existence of an all inclusive health insurance available to the applicant

When applying for a residence permit, it has to be certified with a document that the applicant qualifies as insured with respect to the entire range of health services (is entitled to use the health services in particular on the basis of a special law, an international agreement, or a separate agreement on social insurance), or that he/she is able to bear the costs of the provided health services from the funds available to him/her.

Provision to leave Hungary

During the application procedure, the third country national is required to submit a statement to the effect that if his/her application is rejected, he/she agrees to leave the territory of the European Union Member States voluntarily.

Note: At the time the application to obtain a temporary residence permit is being processed, the applicants travel document must be valid for at least a year from the thirtieth day after the application was submitted.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

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Citizens of New Zealand can apply and obtain a temporary residence permit according to Act no. 54 of 2012 on the Pronouncement of the international arrangement on a Working Holiday Scheme between the Government of Hungary and the Government of New Zealand, and the citizens of the Republic of Korea based on Act no. 64 of 2013.

The permit can also be issued to a third country citizen who:

  • complies with the conditions specified in the international arrangement on a working holiday scheme
  • is not subject to expulsion, prohibition of entry and stay, and whose entry and stay does not pose a risk to public security, national security, and public health interests of Hungary; and
  • is not subject to an SIS warning signal prohibiting the citizen to enter and stay in Hungary

Note: Third country citizens, are non-Hungarian citizens and stateless persons (not recognize as a citizen in any state) except for persons having the right of free movement and stay (EEA citizens and family members accompanying, or joining, an EEA citizen or a Hungarian citizen).


The administrative service fee charged for the issuance of residence permits is 60 Euros, which shall be paid at the foreign representations of Hungary primarily in Euros or other convertible currency, or in exceptional cases in the legal currency of the state where the application is submitted. In case of application submitted in Hungary, the administrative service fee is HUF 18,000.

In case an applicant would like to make an appeal regarding his/her denied application, an administrative service fee in the amount of HUF 5,500 is charged, which shall be paid with revenue stamp by the applicant.


The temporary residence permit is valid for a period of 1 year and is non-renewable.

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Temporary residence permits issued every year are limited and does not exceed the quota specified in the international agreement.

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