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1.To obtain a birth certificate, an applicant should start with finding out the requirements for obtaining a birth certificate in Eritrea;

2.After finding out requirements, the applicant must then process and organize all required documents;

3.Obtain registration form and complete all required fields on the form,

4.Thereafter, submit form together with copies of required documents to municipal authorities or administrative areas of the Public Registration Office;

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Required Documents[edit]

1.Proof of birth (hospital birth record, baptismal certificate, vaccination certificate)

2.A statement from witnesses familiar with the birth

3.The residential card of the parents,

4.A person over the age of 18 in addition must also submit the following:-

5.Copy of the birth record from their administrative area

6.Copy of applicants residential card

7.Copies of parents identity card

8.Those living abroad in addition must present the following

9.2% income tax clearance receipt

10.National identity card


Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

1.Ministry of Health

P.O Box 212 Asmara

Telephone: 117 549 / 110 297

Fax: 122 899

2.Ministry of Information

PO Box 242 Asmara

Telephone: 117 111 / 127 748 / 118 711

Fax: 124 847

3.Eritrea diplomatic offices in other countries (embassies, consulate offices or high commissions) can be viewed at and at

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Every child born in Eritrea and born abroad to Eritrean citizen(s) can obtain a Birth Certificate in Eritrea.


Fees Applicants pay $45


Valid forever 

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

Two (2) days or more for incomplete applications

Related Videos[edit]

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1. Application for different children must be submitted separately;

2. Registration should be within ninety (90) days upon birth;

3. Statements from witnesses must be notarized by a notary as true copies;

4. Applying for a certificate of a child later that the given period of time after birth is referred to as late registration;

5. Late registration (18 years and above) should be done in person;

6. Applicants eighteen (18) years and above must personally signing a paper in the Public Registration office

7. Applicants not in the country can apply through legal representatives;

8. Applicants abroad can also obtain birth certificates from Eritrean embassies or consulates overseas

Required Information[edit]

1. Childs Name

2. Sex

3. Date of Birth of the child

4. Place of Birth

5. Particulars of parents (names and address, nationality of both parents, occupation of both parents and dates of Birth of both parents)

6. Particulars of witnesses at birth (the attending physician, midwife, birth attendant or other witnesses)

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Need for the Document[edit]

To obtain a birth certificate, birth of a child must be registered. Registration in Eritrea is done by public registration office under the ministry of information. The public registration office has different administrative areas where birth registration is carried out.

Information which might help[edit]

1.Birth certificates can be issued in either Tigrinya or in English;

2.To get a copy of a previously issued birth certificate, an applicant can submit application to the Office of Civil Status in Asmara or the administrative area office where the birth was registered;

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

1. It is recognition of a new birth;

2. Proves name and nationality of an applicant;

3. Proves relationship between child and parent(s);

4. It is a proof of age;

5. It helps in daily birth and census;

6. Information helps in determining population growth;

7. It is used to facilitate different social activities.

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