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Submitting an application:

  1. Gather all documents you will need to present or submit in order to obtain a liquor license.
  2. Fill out the appropriate application form(s).
  3. Submit the completed form(s) along with all other required documents to the Liquor Licensing Authority.

Objections to your application:

  1. The public generally may file a written objection to your application with the Liquor Licensing Authority, within 10 working days after the first public notice of your application.
  2. In case there is an objection filed againt your application, the Liquor Licensing Authority will hold an informal Public Hearing and both the applicant and objector(s) will be requested to attend and present their views.
  3. The Authority may adjourn the Public Hearing to allow for inspection of the premises, or for more information to be obtained.
  4. If no objections to the application are received, the Authority will consider the application.

Note: The Liquor Licensing Authority meets once a month.

The Liquor Licensing Authority will grant the issuance of the license based on the following:

  • applicant's suitability to hold a licence
  • days on which and the hours during which you propose to sell liquor
  • areas of the premises, if any, that you propose to designate as "restricted areas" or "supervised areas"
  • actions you propose to take to ensure that no liquor is sold to people who are under age or intoxicated
  • your proposals for supplying food and non-alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks.
  • the proximity of the proposed licenced premises to schools, places of worship, and other community institutions.

Approval and issuance of the license:

  1. Once the application is approved by the Authority, the applicant is informed in writing and an invoice is enclosed for the annual license fee.
  2. Immediate payment is required in order for the license to take effect. Failure to pay could result in the licence being terminated after due notification.
  3. Upon payment of the license fee, the license, terms and conditions are provided or mailed to each licensee.

Renewing your license:

The Liquor Licensing Authority secretary will send you a letter reminding you to renew your liquor license, along with an application pack, during the last week of February each year.

You are only required to include the following documents with your application in order to have your license renewed.

  • A Letter of Approval from the Director of Public Health.
  • A Letter of Approval from the Commissioner of Police


Required Documents[edit]

Forms that you must complete to apply for a license

To obtain a license for the first time:

  • Completed Application for a Liquor License (Form LLA-01)
  • Completed Application for a Managers Certificate (Form LLA-02)

To renew your license:

  • Completed Application for the Renewal of a Liquor Licence (Form LLA-03)
  • Completed Application for the Renewal of a Managers Certificate (Form LLA-04)

To obtain a special license:

  • Completed Application for a Special Licence (Form LLA-05)
  • Completed Application for a Special Managers Certificate (Form LLA-06)

Documents to be submitted

To obtain a license for the first time:

  • Lease or Rental Agreement of the premises
  • Letter of Approval from the Director of Public Health.
  • Letter of Approval from the Commissioner of Police
  • Letter of Approval from the Aronga Mana
  • Letter of Approval from Island Council (for outer islands)
  • Letter of Approval from the Development Investment Board (if you are a Foreign Investor)
  • Public notification of your application:
    • Applicants are required to complete an advertisement form (Form LLA-07) from the Liquor Licensing Authority which must then be delivered to a local newspaper.
    • Applicants are to arrange for the publication of the notice in the newspaper, 2 days per week for 2 weeks (total of 4 times).

To obtain a Managers Certificate:

  • Confirmation from an appointed examiner including the Police or the LLA Secretary, this document will confirm that you have passed the test. This must be done before a certificate will be issued.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Liquor Licensing
Licensing Officer: Ms Harriet Williams
Phone: 28-810
Email: [email protected]
Ministry of Transport Website



Liquor License is issued to a named person, company or organisation. It may not be transferred from one person to another, or from one establishment to another.


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All liquor licenses expires on March 31st each and every year.

You are required to reapply before the expiration of your current liquor license by completing all the appropriate form(s), which you will received by mail.

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Liquor Licenses are being issued by the Liquor Licensing Authority under the Ministry of Transport.

The Sale of Liquor Act 1991-1992 sets out the requirements and the criteria the Liquor Licensing Authority consider when granting liquor licenses.

There are 10 types of Liquor Licenses in Cook Islands, these are as follows:

  1. Hotel / Motel
  2. Bar
  3. Restaurant and Restaurant/Bar
  4. Club
  5. Nightclub
  6. Retail
  7. Guestroom
  8. Airport
  9. Managers Certificate

Note: The above licenses authorises the holder to sell or supply on premises. Liquor cannot be removed from these premises. Various conditions apply to each license.

Special Licence: A special license must be obtained when sale and supply of liquor to the public is required at an event or a series of events at the same venue including fundraisers, performances and temporary bars.

Manager's Certificates

When liquor is being sold or supplied to the public on licensed premises, a certified manager must be on duty at all times. The manager is the one responsible for ensuring that the Sale of Liquor Act 1991-1992 and the conditions of the license are being complied with.

Two types of managers certificates:

  1. General Manager - permits the holder to manage any premises which has been issued with a current license (Example: hotel, motel, bar, retail outlet)
  2. Club Manager permits the holder to manage a establishment which has been issued with a current Club Licence.

In order to qualify for a managers certificate, applicants are required to sit and pass a test covering the Sale of Liquor Act 1991-1992.

Required Information[edit]

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Need for the Document[edit]

Any sale or supply of liquor in public places requires a license as stated in the Sale of Liquor Act 1991-1992.

Following are procedures on how you can obtain a liquor license in Cook Islands.

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Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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  • Ministry of Transport Website:



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