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1.An applicant / parent(s) should start identifying a nearby registration office in their area of residence.

  • Registration offices are availed at all commune office and therefore applicants are advised to go to the commune office for the birth registration.
  • It easier, registration officers are available and an applicant does not need to walk long distances to the national office.

2.After identifying a nearby registration office, visit the office to find out what is required to successfully register a birth;

3.After finding out what is required, get required documents and make copies of the same;

4.Go to the registration office and submit application together with required documents.

  • (Where payment is required, in cases of late registration, make payment and attach payment slip to the application).

5.The registration clerk will look through application to verify submitted documents.

  • When documents have been verified, the clerk shall take record of the information and thereafter will issue a birth certificate to prove registration of birth.

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Required Documents[edit]

1.Proof of birth (hospital birth record, baptismal certificate, vaccination certificate)

2.A statement from witnesses familiar with the birth

3.Identification documents for the parents

4.The residential card of the parents,

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Ministry of Interior (MOI)

No. 275, Norodom, Phnom Penh

Telephone: (023) 426 494/ 880 631/ 428 142

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Any birth of a child in Cambodia can be registered;


  • Registration within 30 days from date of birth free
  • Late Registration 4000 riel (approximately US$1)


Valid forever

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

One (1) Two (2) days, however incomplete applications may take days.

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1.Make sure registration of different births is done through submitting different applications;

2.Registration should be within thirty (30) days upon birth;

3.Registration can be done at either national or community registration offices;

4.Be well assured of confidentiality as registration is carried out , therefore ensure to give true information;

5.Registration after one (1) month from date of birth shall be referred to as late registration

Required Information[edit]

1.Childs Name


3.Date of Birth of the child

4.Place of Birth

5.Details of parents (names and address, nationality of both parents, occupation of both parents and dates of Birth of both parents)

6.Details of witnesses at birth (the attending physician, midwife, birth attendant or other witnesses)

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Need for the Document[edit]

To register birth refers to refers to registration of every born child. In Cambodia, birth registration is by the government through the ministry of interior together with partnering world organizations. Registration is done at national and community level issued by the commune clerk.

Information which might help[edit]

Parents must ensure that after registering a child, birth, they are provided with proof of registration document which is referred to as a birth certificate and a birth certificate must be signed and stamped.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

  1. A birth certificate provides an official identity of the holder;
  2. With a birth certificate in Cambodia, a person can easily access educational and health services;
  3. Birth certificates can be used to protect children against child labour and under age marriage;
  4. A birth certificate proves relationship between child and parent(s)
  5. A birth certificate shows true names of child and parents;
  6. It proves age of a child;
  7. It can be used as proof of nationality as it indicates place of birth;
  8. It is used in getting important documents like national identity cards;
  9. It is used in processes of acquiring employment;
  10. Through registration data, the government can easily manage population data

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