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  1. Before applying for a diplomatic passport, start by finding out who can apply for this type of passport and also find out the requirements for issuance of this passport.
  2. hen this information is obtained, an applicant must assess his / her eligibility to find out if this passport can or cannot be issued to him / her;
  3. If the applicant finds him / herself eligible, he / she can now go to the passport office and obtain application form, which he / she must fill correctly;
  4. After filling make another copy of the filled form, attach copies of all required documents and attach the two forms (original and copy) together;
  5. There after submit application to the passport officer and wait as he / she inspects application form.
  6. Name and basic information is checked to find out if information provided is consistent. If inconsistency is found the form shall be returned for correction and if there is no inconsistency, the applicant shall be issued with a number tag to proceed to the other step.
  7. The application forms (both original and copy) plus supporting documents are submitted to the passport official in the passport office.
  8. The official will look through the application papers and thereafter inserts a stamp. When he places stamp, he also puts number a number on the same, the number indicates the counter the applicant should proceed to.
  9. Therefore when papers are returned after stamping, also look at the number inserted and go to the counter that has the same number;
  10. At the counter, the fingerprints of the applicant shall be taken by scanning. After scanning the scanner officer will stamp the application papers and thereafter return them to the applicant;
  11. The applicant then proceeds with making payment for a passport photo. After making payment, the photo official will then mark a tick with a pen on the application papers.
  12. Thereafter the applicant takes the papers to a photo booth assigned to him / her.
  13. The assigned photo booth is that both with the number that you were assigned earlier (same number as the counter where fingerprints were taken);
  14. At the photo booth, present the papers to the official and the photo shall be taken;
  15. Thereafter the official shall stamp the papers and then he / she will return them back to the applicant.
  16. The applicant then goes to the photo-printing counter, submit papers and wait for the photo to be pasted onto the paper by an official.
  17. When photo is pasted, the applicant shall then proceed to the interview room. The passport officials at this stage ask the applicant a few questions on the application form and expect the applicant to give correct answers as on the form. If the questions are not answered well, the applicant is requested to go back to stage one of the application process.
  18. If the applicant passes interview, the application papers are stamped and returned back to him / her to proceed to the next stage.
  19. The next stage is the verification stage. At this point, the applicant submits application papers and waits for an officer to verify them.
  20. When documents are verified, the verification official signs them and returns them to the applicant to proceed.
  21. The applicant then continues to the stage of measuring of height. At this stage, he / she submits documents and waits for the height-measuring official to call out his / her name, measurements shall be taken, the official will then stamp the papers and return them to the applicant.
  22. Then take forms to the next counter with a number earlier assigned (same number as the counter where fingerprints were taken) and submit application to the officer in the room and wait. The official shall read through the documents, sign and stamp them.
  23. Thereafter the applicant can leave the passport office and allow for the processing of passport; then return on a later date to collect passport.

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Required Documents[edit]

1.Proof of nationality like birth certificate and family book

2.Proof of identity like national identity card and drivers license

3.Recent passport photo

4.Appointment letters

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

1.Ministry of Interior (MOI)

Department of Statistics and Passports,

No. 275, Norodom, Phnom Penh

Tel: (023 ) 426 494/ 880 631/ 428 142

2.Passport Office

Ta Ngov Village, Sangkat Niroth,

12357 Phnom Penh

Telephone: 012 909 789 / 012 853 800 / 011 779 000 / 012 854 874

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In order to be eligible to obtain a Cambodian Diplomatic Passport, an applicant must be either a Diplomat, Consult or staff of a diplomat / consult traveling for a mission abroad.


Passport graph 12,000 Riel (approximately $4)


1.Initial validity period three (3) years

2.Extension of validity period of passport can be done twice each extension is given two (2) years

3.Whole validity therefore is up to seven (7) years

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

  • Processing time varies basing on factors like submitting application through or not through agencies and amount of money paid among others.
  • It ranges between One (1) to sixty (60) days

Related Videos[edit]

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1.Applicant must be a citizen of the country;

2.Applicant must have been appointed to do diplomatic work for the country in a foreign country;

3.Always provide complete and correct information;

4.During the application process, an applicant must remember the initially assigned tag number issued at the passport office as it is a necessity throughout the application process;

5.If a passport is lost , applicants must report immediately to the authorities

6.Applicants less than eighteen (18) years of age should come along with a guardian or parent;

7.It is easier to obtain a Cambodian passport through a broker;

8.Brokers are either passport officials or the travel agents from tour companies;

9.If no longer necessary, a diplomatic passport should be returned to the issuing office.

Required Information[edit]

1.Name of applicant

2.Nationality of applicant

3.Sex and age of applicant

4.Marital status;

5.Parents names and occupation

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Need for the Document[edit]

A diplomatic passport in Cambodia is issued to individuals working in diplomatic capacity for the country. The passports in Cambodia are issued by Cambodian embassies, and consulates along with the Ministry of Interior through the department of Statistics and Passports. Iherefore in order to obtain a diplomatic passport, one must visit one of the above mentioned offices.

Information which might help[edit]

1.Diplomatic passport does not imply visa free travel, like any other passport holder, diplomatic passport holders must apply for s visa in order to be able to travel to a foreign country;

2.For the holder of passport to travel to any place, he / she must ensure that the passport has a validity period of at least six (6) months validity beyond period of stay in a particular country.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

1.A passport identifies a person / the holder as a citizen of the country;

2.It can be used as an identification document;

3.It allows the holder to enjoy the benefits and excitements of international travel;

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