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1.Go to the Ministry of Interior and find out what is required in order to successfully obtain Cambodian citizenship.

2.Organize all the required documents and make copies of the same, and thereafter submit application together with copies of required documents to the department of citizenship under the Interior Ministry.

3.When application and documents are submitted, the citizenship officers at the ministry shall go though the document to verify information.

  • In the process of verification, interviews and investigations are also carried out.

4.After the verification, decision is made. In the decision made, an application may either be rejected or accepted.

5.After making a decision, the applicant is notifies about the decision in writing; and if application is approved, application is published to allow anyone with any objections forward claim;

6.When the publication period elapses and no one has submitted any objection, the applicant is required to make oath in court; and

7.After making oath, it is signed and thereof pronounced as citizen of Cambodia.

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Required Documents[edit]

1.Proof of birth (Birth certificate);

2.Recent passport photographs;

3.Identification documents (Identity card, passport or driving permit);

4.Proof of residential address for example utility bills;

5.Police clearance certificate;

6.Medical clearance certificate

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

1.Cambodian Embassies, High commissions or Consulate office. A list is available at

2.Ministry of Interior (MOI)

Department of Statistics and Passports,

No. 275, Norodom, Phnom Penh

Tel: (023) 426 494/ 880 631/ 428 142


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1.Citizenship by birth can be acquired by a child born to unknown parents found in Cambodia or a child of non-citizen parents who were also born in Cambodia.

2.Citizenship by descent is obtained if a child is legitimately born to a Cambodian mother or father, regardless of the country of birth.

3.Citizenship by marriage is obtained by foreign woman who marries a Cambodian citizen.

4.Applicants for citizenship by naturalization must be foreigners who have lived in the country for at least seven (7) years and are already involved in the Cambodian community


Explain the fees structure which is required for obtaining the certificate/document.


Citizenship has no validity period but can be voluntarily renounced or may also be revoked if the holder acts contrary to the laws of the country for instance by joining a foreign organization performing against the Cambodian government or by joining a foreign army.

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

Usually it takes 3months

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1.Applicant must be in the country at the time of submission of application;

2.Applicant must be ready to abide by the laws, rules and regulations of the country;

3.To obtain citizenship by descent, a child must be formally acknowledged by either of his / her parents;

4.Being born within the territory of Cambodia does not automatically confer citizenship a person must meet requirements;

5.A foreign woman married to a Cambodian man obtains Cambodian citizenship on the date of marriage;

6.Applicants must be of good character and in good health;

7.Foreigners must apply for Cambodian citizenship through naturalization;

8.Applicants for citizenship by naturalizations meet the residence requirement;

9.Applicants must know the language and culture in Cambodia;

10.Applicants must prove they will not become a burden to the country if citizenship is granted thus must have fixed and firm means of support;

11.Birth within the territory of Cambodia does not automatically confer citizenship.

12.Citizenship by marriage can only be demanded for after a period of three (3) years of living together after registration of marriage.

13.The residence requirement for any foreigner born in Cambodia, and has continuously lived in the country for at least seven(7) years period is reduced to three (3) years;

14.In order to obtain citizenship without fulfilling requirements, a foreigner must have offered special merit or achievement for the interest of Cambodia and must have proof;

15.Child(ren) under eighteen (18) years (if any) and spouse may be included on a citizenship application form;

16.A foreigner who wishes to change name must specify such name in writing in his/her application for naturalization in order to be able to for a Khmer name.

17.Any citizen at least 18 years may request without force to renounce his / her Cambodian nationality upon getting another nationality.

Required Information[edit]

1.Name and address of applicant

2.Age, sex and marital status of applicant

3.Original citizenship of applicant

4.Profession of applicant

5.Name and address of parents

6.Nationality and occupation of parents

7.Age of parents and country of residence)

8.Details of dependants / children if included on application

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Need for the Document[edit]

Citizenship is an act of being a national of a given country. Citizenship can be acquired either by birth, or by naturalization. Cambodia citizenship is can acquired either by birth, naturalization, descent or marriage. Issues of citizenship in Cambodia are handled by the Ministry of Interior

Information which might help[edit]

1.Dual citizenship is not recognized.

  • It is only a Cambodian woman who marries a foreign who is permitted to retain her Cambodian citizenship upon acquiring the husbands nationality unless she requires renouncing it by the laws of the husband's home country.

2.Applicants of citizenship by naturalization should note that naturalization is not a their right but only a favour of the Kingdom of Cambodia;

  • therefore should be aware that an application may either be accepted or rejected by a mandatory power.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

1.Being a citizen of a country permits a person to stay there for as long as he / she wishes,

2.Citizenship authorizes the holder to obtain a national identity card and travel documents of the country;

3.A person can enjoy citizenship benefits like freedom of expression, freedom of movement, right to education, right to be employed among others;

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